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Sterling Manufacturing Acquires New Objet 30 Pro 3D Printer

New 3D printer to lend support to core business services, create rapid prototyping for customers


Lancaster, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2015 --Sterling Manufacturing is proud to announce that it has recently invested in a new Objet 30 Pro 3D printer, to assist the company in expanding its molding capabilities and streamlining its prototyping initiatives.

The Objet 30 Pro 3D printer is the culmination of tremendous innovation in commercial 3D printing technology and currently stands as a leading resource for rapid prototyping of consumer goods, electronics, medical devices and more. Combining pinpoint accuracy (up to 0.0039in), a high build resolution (600-900dpi) and a rapid build sequence, the Objet 30 Pro 3D printer is able to create complex prototypes that include transparent components and moving parts in a matter of days.

With eight different 3D printing materials—including a high-temperature, simulated polypropylene material that replicates the properties of common injection molded polymers—Sterling Manufacturing will utilize its new 3D printer to assist engineers and product managers seeking to cost-effectively test functionality in new or existing product designs. The Objet 30 Pro requires only a 3D file to reproduce physical parts and can print a wide range of part sizes (up to 11.57"x7.55"x5.85").

"Making our 3D printer available to all our customers will allow them to inexpensively test new and exciting design changes that would traditionally have been overlooked due to the high costs of prototype molding," said Michael Gravelle, Director of Business Development. "The overall cost of rapid prototyping is far lower than the cost of traditional prototype tools, not to mention the lead time is reduced to days instead of weeks or months."

Sterling Manufacturing's decision to invest in a 3D printer for prototyping comes on the heels of the company's recent ISO certified Class 8 cleanroom expansion and addition of six new Engel injection molding machines to its facility. The company is continuing to bolster its core capabilities and exploring sustainable ways to make itself available for new and returning clients seeking high-end prototyping and vertically integrated manufacturing solutions.

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