San Diego Man Returns MIA War Hero Vietnam Veteran's Saint Christopher Medal Found in Saigon After 40 Years

A heart-felt story of man's twenty year quest to return four religious medallions he found in Saigon in 1996 back to the rightful owners of soldiers from the Vietnam War or to their love ones. Palma was able to return his first medal back to the loving family of war hero, MAJOR DONALD GENE "BUTCH" CARR'S family after his plane went missing over Laos in 1971.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2015 --MAJOR DONALD GENE 'BUTCH" CARR'S plane went down in bad weather over Laos in 1971. The plane and the soldiers were never found. Antonio Palma , purchased four Saint Christopher medal while traveling in Saigon. Twenty years later in search to reunite these medals, Palma was able to return his first medal back to the loving family of war hero MIA ARMY MAJOR DONALD "BUTCH" CARR.

In 1996, Palma traveled from San Diego to Vietnam on March 10th he purchased four Saint Christophers medals, offered to him for their silver value. One of the medals inscribed on the back, "To Butch, Love Francis, Dec.25th,1967 was among them . He believed these medals could possibly belong to American soldiers from the Vietnam War. Palma vowed to reunite the medals with the soldiers or to their to love ones left behind. After years of searching Palma uncovered an email that had been stored away explaining the possible identity one of the medals "To Butch Love Francis, 1967.

Palma was able to locate MIA Major Donald Carr's family with the help of the Vietnam Veterans organization Together We Serve and return his first Saint Christopher Medal back home to his loving family after over 40 years.

Palma is hoping that one of the three remaining Saint Christopher medal he purchased in Saigon, will be possibly recognized by a friend of family member and returned home.