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Fort Worth Man Shot and Killed by Police

Questions About Whether or Not Use of Force Okay Raised


Fort Worth, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2015 --On Monday, May 14, 2015, a man was shot and killed by a Fort Worth police officer. According to news reports, the man was trying to run over another police officer with his vehicle when the shooting officer fired. The shooting occurring around 4:00 p.m. on the block of 6000 Wheaton Drive in Fort Worth.

Home Watched by Narcotics Officers Prior to Shooting

The shooting happened when narcotics officers were on a stakeout of on home on Wheaton Drive and Granbury Road. The home has been under investigation for narcotics for some time, according to officers. While watching the home, the officers noticed a man whom they believed fitted the description of a four-time felony suspect with four pending warrants. As the suspect entered his truck and began backing out of the home's driveway, police officers approached the vehicle.

Man in Truck Responds Aggressively, Hitting Female Officer

As the police officers approached the truck, the man within it responded aggressively. Rather than yielding to his arrest, the man, whose name has not yet been released by authorities, put his truck in reverse and accelerated. The truck hit one of the narcotics officers. His actions could warrant resisting arrest and obstruction of justice charges: In response, another officer immediately open fired on the suspect, fatally wounding him.

The female police officer who was hit by the truck only sustained minor injuries, which were treated at the scene. The name of the police officer who fired the gun has not be released by the Fort Worth police department.

Public Questions Officer's Right to Fire

The shooting has raised questions about officers' rights to carry and use firearms. The man who was fatally shot was not armed when the police officer open fired. A group of 30+ of the man's friends and family members gathered at the scene of the crime, many of them with questions about the shooting.

The Fort Worth police department is currently conducting an investigation into the incident. The investigative report will be submitted to the Tarrant County District Attorney's office.

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