Dr. Wayne Hayes Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of 'The Cold Shoulder' Fat Burning Vest

NASA scientist Dr. Wayne Hayes has created a vest that burns up to a pound of fat per week with comfortable, mild cold. Now, he is looking to raise $13, 500 via Indiegogo to bring ‘The Cold Shoulder’ fat burning vest to the market.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2015 --NASA scientist and a professor Dr. Wayne Hayes is the proud creator of a vest full of ice that has been designed to burn calories. 'The Cold Shoulder' is the result of decades of independent scientific research by Dr. Hayes. The preliminary scientific testing of the patent pending product has been performed with multiple users and it is presently in the process of undergoing two large-scale clinical trials.

Mild cold exposure causes the human body to burn extra calories. This is true regardless of the ambient temperature, temperature of the air conditioner, or the skin's contact with a cold object. The Cold Shoulder comes with ice draped over the shoulder and across the back. As a result of the difference in temperature between the vest and the body, there is a flow of heat from the body to the vest. This causes the body to burn calories.

Some of the most noteworthy features of 'The Cold Shoulder' are
- Burns calories without exercise: this ice vest will burn excess calories equivalent of up to 500 calories a day.
- Saves time: It takes 2 minutes per day to burn a pound of fat.
- It's effective: The concept is based on decades of research by scientists.
- It's comfortable: Users will not notice anything after using it a few times.
- It's fashionable: Users can wear it almost anywhere.
- Sold direct at wholesale prices: No middle-man is involved in the process.

Mike Smith, one of the earliest users of 'The Cold Shoulder,' recommends it saying, "In addition to the extra 1.5 lbs I lost using The Cold Shoulder, my second favorite benefit was that my sleep improved. I wore it for a few minutes before bed every night and slept much more soundly than I had done for months."

Dr. Wayne Hayes has just started an Indiegogo campaign to complete the development of 'The Cold Shoulder.' His funding goal for this campaign is $13,500.

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About 'The Cold Shoulder'
'The Cold Shoulder' is a vest full of ice that's designed to burn calories. It is Patent Pending at the United States Patent Office, backed by decades of independent scientific research, has undergone preliminary scientific testing with multiple users, and it is currently undergoing two large-scale clinical trials.