'The BumBee Seat - A Kickstarter Design Project' to Launch on May 22nd, 2015

The BumBee Seat is a new, flexible, and fun design created by Silicon Valley based design company Veroreve Incorporated. The company’s founder James D. Canova is looking to raise $50K via Kickstarter to ensure wider distribution of ‘The BumBee Seat.’


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2015 --Silicon Valley based design company Veroreve Incorporated has developed a fresh new campaign for 'The BumBee Seat - A Kickstarter Design Project'. This flexible and fun design will feature the company's patented adjustable recreational utility seat system (RUSS) design, offering the perfect solution for all of your projects at work or play. When the memory foam seat cushion is placed in the up or down position, it becomes perfect for use in the office, at home, in the garage or garden, or on the deck. 'The BumBee Seat' can also be used while gaming, house painting, dog grooming, BBQ & Tailgating, and many other activities.

'The BumBee Seat' is comprised of comfortable memory foam seating, and wings (side trays) for your things such as drinks, snacks, products, tools, gloves, smart phone, tablet, game controller, and more. Featuring the recreational utility seat system, its folding leg strut design ensures that the product can be used in the up position or folded flat for low-level use or easy transportation and storage. There are four high quality wheels with locking brakes that make 'The BumBee Seat' both stable and safe. The wheels are gentle on multiple surfaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Veroreve Incorporated has already completed the prototyping for 'The BumBee Seat.' The company is in close ties with several manufacturers to manufacture the various components of your 'BumBee Seat'. The goal of this Kickstarter Design Crowdfunding Project is to ensure wider distribution of 'The BumBee Seat'. With this objective, the company is launching a Kickstarter Design Project Crowdfunding Campaign with the funding goal of $50K. Proceeds from this campaign will provide the resources to produce the volume levels required for wider distribution of 'The BumBee Seat'.

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About James D. Canova
James D. Canova is the principal and founder of Veroreve Incorporated, a design company located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Veroreve is dedicated to fun, flexible and fresh designs. They believe in designing, patenting, prototyping and manufacturing products that enhance people's quality of life at work and play.