Babycase on Kickstarter: The First and Only Non-Toxic, Media Device Case That Makes a Smart Phone or Tablet Baby Proof and Baby Safe

Babies will teethe on anything they can get their little hands on – including mommy or daddy’s expensive piece of toxic mobile technology.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2015 --Few people, if any, can get through the day without having their smartphone or tablet close at hand. Close at hand for us means close at hand for a baby who will use just about anything they can get their little hands on for teething purposes. If risk of damage to the device or exposing baby to bacteria weren't bad enough, there are much bigger problems to face. That's because smartphone and tablet cases are made from toxic plastics and designed with paints or coatings that are linked to cancer, neurological and behavior disorders, obesity and worse. Every baby teething on a high tech gadget is exposed to all of these heath risks.

Starting with Binky, Babycase's first design for iPhone 6, babies are not only kept safe from harmful materials, smartphones and tablets are kept safe and sound too. Thoughtful design insures protection of the screen and the four corners – the two biggest "danger zones" – thanks to the ultra-protective slim fit of the Binky. Raised-dimples on the Binky are there with a teething baby in mind. On the sensible side the Binky is dishwasher safe and on the stylish side there are textures and colors including black, pink and blue.

Turning to Kickstarter for the $25,000 Sam needs to put Binky on the map this crowdfunding project will only be funded if the $25,000 funding goal is met.

This crowdfunding campaign is open until June 14th, 2015.

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About Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson's vision is to eliminate the risks associated with babies interacting with the toxic chemicals that are in products adults use on a daily basis.

"If we start by protecting our handheld devices with a nontoxic and safe solution, the world would be full of healthier and happier babies and children."

Sam is the COO of industry leading video personalization platform, AdGreetz, and was VP of Programming for, a start-up company formed by television pioneer, Fred Silverman.