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Dollarbooks.net Is Launched by Dr George Smolinski of GutenbergReloaded.com

Dollarbooks.net is the Newest Resource for Avid Kindle Readers, Independent Authors, and Book Publishers to be launched by Dr. George Somlinski from GutenbergReloaded.com". A free resource for book lovers, Dollar Books offers 5 books daily at $.99 cents to Kindle readers. At no cost to authors and publishers a great solution for free exposure to new markets for independent authors and book publishers with limited marketing budgets.


Renton, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2015 --Dollarbooks.net was created by Dr George Smolinki of GutenbergReloaded.com for book lovers. Many avid readers like to read using their kindle reader, but they don't like to spend time searching for books to read on Amazon. DollarBooks.net is the solution for the book lover to get a new book to read everyday, every week, or simply on demand without wasting valuable time searching for books to read. Dollar Book alerts their subscribers to the hottest books and newest releases on Amazon. Every Kindle book they find is a dollar or less. DollarBooks.net sorts through millions of books on the Kindle store, find the absolute best 99 cent specials & email them right to their subscribers on a daily basis. Daily subscribers of DollarBooks.net can choose from 5 books each day, 2 fiction, 2 non-fiction and 1 children's book all the hottest books all less than $1.00. Each book that is featured on Dollar Book is vetted to ensure we provide high quality books from Amazon.

"I am always reading. I love to read. I am always spending time to find a good book that I can afford for my Amazon Fire. Dollar Books give me 5 choices to choose from everyday, and all for only a $1. It saves me so much time. I always have something to read on my kindle now. THANK YOU!"
- Alex Wilson, Boston MA - Dollar Book subscriber

Dollar Book's business model provides a free marketing platform for new authors, independent authors, and publishers to promote their newest books for Free. DollarBooks.net accepts new book submissions on a daily basis. Authors and independent publishers can have a book featured on Dollar Books with the ability to promote your book online for Free. That's right: if Dollar Books selects your book as a featured book on our site, we will do the following, all for Free:

1. Feature your book on Dollar Books for one 24 hour period

2. Promote your book on our Best Books For A Buck Twitter site,
sending your book out to over 400,000 Twitter users and book lovers!

Let's face it: unfortunately there are a lot of poor quality books on Amazon today. So, in order to ensure our readers only receive the best quality books Dollar Book's editors vet each book that is posted. To ensure the best quality book submissions must meet the following criteria:

1. Has at least a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and

2. 10 or more positive reviews.

This helps to insure that all books listed on Dollar Books of of the highest quality books available. For authors and publishers who's books meet the criteria please visit our website Dollar Books and contact us.

"Dollar Books is a cutting edge way for new authors, independent authors and small publishing houses with limited marketing budgets to increase their book sales and reach new Kindle readers for free! We love Dollar Books, Thanks George." Catt Dahman Founder and Editor of J Ashton Ellington Press, independent author of Z is for Zombie Series at CattD.com

Dr. George Smolinski is an Active Duty Officer and the founder of DollarBooks.net, The Four Hour Physician and Gutenberg Reloaded. FourHourPhysician.com teaches tools, techniques, and resource to free up your time and allow you to use your time to do the things that matter. GutenbergReloaded.com provides the resources and tools to help people publish eBooks. Dr. Smolinski started out as a resident physician at Walter Reed Medical Center. He then deployed to Afghanistan as a Battalion Surgeon and it was during that deployment that George found his inspiration in the book The Four Hour Work Week.

George began to look at his life and realized that there were three key things to having a quality life. The three factors are time, money, and health. Health and money are things that people can generate through hard work, but time is finite. There are only so many minutes in the day, so for George Smolinski M.D, he started focusing on how to make the most of those minutes by minimizing time wasting tasks and delegating tasks to virtual assistance. Through this experience, George took his lessons learned and developed the fourhourphysician.com. Dr Smolinski's latest project DollarBooks.net follows the same vein, saving the avid kindle reader time by doing the searching for a quality book for them.

Dr. George Smolinski has written numerous books is the co-author of Amazon #1 book How to Write A Book: Overcome Writer's Block, Beat Procrastination, and Write Your Book Now. George went one step further taking what he learned personally and launched GutenbergReloaded.com. GutenbergReloaded.com has now helped publish 4 dozen eBooks on Amazon and assembled a team of the absolute best writers, exceptionally talented layout designers, cover artists, and voice talent that can record any book into an audio book with great quality and affordable rates.

George Smolinski M.D., is the father of four young boys (two in diapers!), husband, full time physician, entrepreneur, author, snowboarder, and mountain biker, he created the life he wanted and can help you do the same. Dr George Smolinski latest project DollarBooks.net is another solution to save time for book reader, independent authors and book publishers.

About Dr George Smolinski
Dr. George Smolinski is the founder of DollarBooks.net, The Four Hour Physician and Gutenberg Reloaded. Gutenberg Reloaded is a new type of media company that offers a publishing and promotion platform wherein small and home-based entrepreneurs, authors, publishers, speakers, consultants and trainers can generate new leads, prospects and paying customers for their business by using cutting-edge internet marketing and digital technologies.