Eleonora Del Federico Seeks Funding via Crowdrise to Support "The Final Show of Licio Isolani"

Licio Isolani is a paralyzed artist who is no longer able to speak. It is Licio’s heart’s desire to be amongst his artwork and the public one more time.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2015 --Licio Isolani, a professor of sculpture, suffered a massive stroke on November 18th, 2012. A prominent figure of the Italian-New York's art scene of the sixties and seventies, Isolani has lost his speech and his mobility since then. After being tube-fed and breathing on artificial ventilation for two years, he is presently at Calvary Hospital in Brooklyn.

There is no denying the fact that Licio Isolani is a dying artist. However, he has a last wish. He wants to be in a gallery among his works one last time, and in contact with the public. Isolani has recently expressed this wish in writing to his partner Eleonora Del Federico. However, Isolani's present financial condition makes it extremely difficult to organize this show.

Eleonora Del Federico has recently started a Crowdrise campaign with the hope that the art- loving backers around the world will come forward to make "The Final Show of Licio Isolani" a reality.

Talking about the significance of this project, Eleonora Del Federico says, "Doctors and social workers have suggested that Licio's best solution is palliative care, the treatment granted to the terminally ill for a smooth transition towards death. But Licio wants to live, he told me this explicitly, he wants to embrace life and the world to the end."

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About Eleonora Del Federico
Eleonora Del Federico is originally from Argentina and she is a professor of Chemistry at a College located in Brooklyn where she specializes in teaching courses at the inter-phase of Chemistry/Art and Art History. She has been Licio Isolani's colleague and partner for 15 years.