Antonio Erroi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for MyUpper: The Lightest, Most Colorful Dress Shoes

An innovative project built on tradition, attention to details, modern design and timeless Italian fashion.


Detroit, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2015 --MYUPPER calls Detroit home. Detroit's and its vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurs' community inspired and motivated them to start a designer shoe company where all of the designs originate from Detroit as the shoes themselves are crafted in Italy with all of the attention to detail and style we've come to expect from Italian shoes. MYUPPER is not just about comfortable and beautiful shoes; it is about family and traditions. MYUPPER is about artisans who proudly continue their fathers' shoe-making art, perfecting it to achieve excellence. MYUPPER is proud of the link between the founders' Italian roots and their American journey. The result? Elegance and style rooted in traditions are mixed with cutting edge technology to create something special, almost magical.

MYUPPER was born with the sole purpose of providing handcrafted, custom designed Italian shoes. Not just any ordinary shoes; the finest Italian shoes. Tradition, attention to details, cutting-edge technology, modern design and timeless Italian sense of fashion all came together in this project. The result is shoes that are elegant but never dull, fun to wear, light, versatile and colorful.

In the men's footwear industry, The MYUPPER design team identified a significant gap between what the market offers and what consumers want. Up until now, so called "affordable" men's shoes are dull, anonymous, uncomfortable and wear out way too fast. What's perhaps worse is that shoes at lower price point lack colors, personality and customization. MYUPPER wants everyone to experience the pleasure and pride of wearing the finest hand-crafted Italian shoes that are as special and unique as the men who wear them. We want to give our customers the freedom of choice to wear shoes that match their personalities and style. We want to give our customers the opportunity to truly own their style.

No matter the occasion, MYUPPER will make any man wearing them the center of attention. They can be worn with a tuxedo during an exclusive black-tie event, with an elegant suit during an executive meeting, or with business casual attire or jeans and button down shirt. shoes are versatile, light and comfortable; enough so that you can rock your yoga asana or practice your golf swing during your lunch break without changing out of them.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on June 25, 2015.

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MYUPPER was created by three friends (Antonio, Massimo and Stefano) whose paths crossed while working in Detroit. In 2015, they founded MYUPPER to make the "Made in Italy" available to everyone.