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Accelerated Educational Solutions Offers Breakthrough Solution for Engaging Teens to Master the SAT


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2015 --The Accelerated SAT Mastery Online Course with Live Expert Coaching helps all families improve their college admission success and reduce the cost of tuition.

"Tragically few SAT prep programs address the issue of student engagement. That's what motivated me to launch my Accelerated SAT Mastery Online Course with Live Expert Coaching," says Daniel Herzberg, a SAT Master Coach with 22 years of experience. "I decided to level the playing field so that every student can access the highest quality of instruction by taking my insider knowledge and putting it online."

The Accelerated team ensures student engagement by supplementing the online, self-paced course with plenty of one-on-one dialogue. At weekly live office hours, students can contact Mr. Herzberg directly with questions. The coaches of Accelerated SAT Mastery call students to make sure they are on top of things, and also call parents to keep them up to date on their child's progress. The program integrates group accountability coaching and eight online proprietary systems for promoting engagement. Together the course increases student SAT scores by hundreds of points consistently. Herzberg says, "We really help teens to own the prep process themselves."

Accelerated SAT Mastery provides all the fundamentals of SAT prep online with live coaching to ensure teens attain maximum SAT mastery without wasted time and effort. The course features:

- Comprehensive instruction for all sections of the SAT??including the content and SAT-specific reasoning processes for each section.
- Structured but flexible approach to allow students to customize their experience. Lessons can be sped up, slowed down, or reviewed to match each student's pace and learning style.
- Online, group, and individual coaching to teach and support time management, stress management and study skills.
- Easy logistics: The course can be completed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

"I developed this system to fill a glaring unmet need during the college application process" says Herzberg. "Many kids never really prep for the test. And those that do often get shortchanged. I've seen too many kids fall victim to the 'bag of books trap'—when parents sign them up for a cookie-cutter course taught by an unmotivated and usually inexperienced teacher. Teens receive a lot of heavy books that impress parents but overwhelm their kids. The classes are generic and don't help students with individual attention targeted to their skill level and specific needs. The stakes for the SAT are high, and parents can't afford to waste time, energy, or money on flawed approaches."

Herzberg often has to explain to parents the need for individualized help on the SAT. "High SAT scores are crucial to gain college admission and also to receive merit-based scholarships. A small educational investment goes a long way. Plus, college grads tend to earn about double what non-college grads earn over their careers--often much more than that."

CEO and Accelerated SAT Master Coach Herzberg looks at the SAT on many levels. "It's not just a hoop to jump through—it is really a modern rite of passage. The SAT test is the first major step for teens to take ownership of their path forward as an adult. I know it can be a huge source of stress for families. I make that process as easy as possible for both teens and their parents, so they can enjoy the time they have together before college."

Daniel Herzberg has devoted the past 22 years to tutoring and coaching more than 7000 students. He earned multiple degrees at some of the top Universities in the US, and he thrives on sharing his love of learning, and all the possibilities that college offers, with the teens he works with.

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Daniel Herzberg has devoted the past 22 years to tutoring and coaching more than 7000 students

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