Ryan Jamison Launches Crowdfunding Campaign ZYN Yogurt Smoothies

ZYN is a first of its kind yogurt smoothie with added functional benefits and wants to give back to a worthy cause.


Charlotte, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2015 --Like most visionaries who change the world, Ryan Jamison had a simple question. Why wasn't there an energy yogurt? That gave Ryan a brilliant idea for something never tried before; combining the two colossal industries of yogurt and energy drinks to create a fusion yogurt energy product. And so the journey began.

Ryan formed a company as he started out to whip up a product everybody could benefit from as well as something delicious everyone would enjoy.

The founders met with food scientists at the state university; talked to fruit suppliers, yogurt producers, and vitamin suppliers. A formula was finally perfected and the brand was born. The product evolved from the single energy yogurt concept to three flavors of yogurt smoothies, each with its own distinct health benefits.

ZYN Smoothies are ALL NATURAL and were developed by health care professionals to give active people what they need for optimal health, energy and mental focus throughout the day. Each smoothie flavor is formulated for a specific function and blended together with drinkable yogurt--which gives the added benefits of probiotics for digestive health, 40% of the RDI of Calcium for strong and healthy bones, and eight grams of protein to help build and repair muscle. To top it off, the milk used for these smoothies is free of rBST hormones and are gluten free.

Much more than seeking pure profit from this enterprise, founder Ryan Jamison pledges a part of proceeds from their sales will benefit breast cancer research to honor his mother who passed away from the disease three years ago.

While the ZYN team has already made a substantial investment on product development, website implementation, package design, insurance, and attorney fees; funds are now needed for mass production and related business capital to transform ZYN from a startup to a recognized brand in retail stores.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on June 17, 2015.
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