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Classic Chrome Plating Featured on Wheeler Dealers in Season 12, Episode 8 - DeSoto Firedome

Classic Chrome Plating was featured on Wheeler Dealers in episode 8 of season 12 where Mike Brewer and Edd China restore a DeSoto Firedome.


Santa Ana, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2015 --Discovery Channel's "Wheeler Dealers" featured Classic Chrome Plating during season 12, episode 8. Mike Brewer, the show's host and a well-known TV personality, discovered numerous benefits and affordable price for to chrome a 1952 DeSoto Firedome's bumper and parts.

In this "Wheeler Dealers" episode, Mike Sickels, Sales Manager of Classic Chrome Plating, showed Brewer and the audience the company's chrome plating process while working on the DeSoto's bumper and parts. The finished chrome through the company's plating techniques amazed Brewer. He exclaimed, "It's fantastic!"

Throughout the episode, Brewer sought experts in their fields to have the DeSoto restored. The auto parts chrome plating, bumper, and other restorations to the DeSoto Firedome transformed the external trim.

During the part of the show where Classic Chrome Plating is featured, from marker 18:08 – 21:22 minutes in the show, Sickels explains how chromium is one of the best ways to preserve metal parts and give them a bright shine. He shows Brewer and the audience chrome plating process, which includes application of different layers of materials, the first of which starts with nickel.

Brewer asked Sickels various questions while he explained more about Classic Chrome Plating's unique approach to chrome plating bumpers, auto parts, and more. He took Brewer through the stages of chrome plating, including the plating stage, which seals in the nickel so the part keeps its color and the second stage, called the hexavalent chromium tank, which is a chemical rinsing process.

"We were thrilled to have Mike and his crew watch as the DeSoto's bumper and parts were chrome plated. It's not everyday one of our own (Mike Sickels) is on TV talking about our process. The finished DeSoto was awesome to see on the episode," said Gary Glass, Vice President for Classic Chrome Plating.

Catch the DeSoto Firedome episode of Wheeler Dealers from the Discovery Channel and find out if Mike and Edd made a profit or not on the DeSoto.

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