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Dry Cleaning Professional in Birmingham Illuminates the Dry Cleaning Stain Removal and Cleaning Process for Customers

Champion Cleaners educates customers on the stain removal process


Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2015 --The dry cleaning professionals at Champion Cleaners in Birmingham are educating customers about the stain removal process used by professional dry cleaners to help them learn more about what happens to their garments and textiles during the cleaning process. The pre-spotting process used by dry cleaners is typically far more effective than at-home spotting techniques at removing severe or set-in stains, especially on delicate fabrics.

The three essential tools used in the pre-spotting process at a professional dry cleaning service involve a spotting board, a spotting bone, and a tamping brush. The first step in the pre-spotting process is to attach the garment to the spotting board and keep it in place with a pedal-controlled vacuum. Second, the professional dry cleaner will apply steam to the tarnished area, followed by a stain remover agent that is worked into the fabric with a spotting bone or tamping brushed, used to work the stain out of the garment fibers. The type of spotting agent used is dependent on the type of fabric as well as the type of stain, whether it is food-based, water-based, or oil-based. Cleaners generally start with a mild spotting agent and work up to more aggressive treatments if stains are resistant to becoming clean. After the stain has been entirely removed or lessened as much as possible, hot air is then applied to the area to dry it.

After the spot has been treated, the entire garment is ready to be professionally dry cleaned as a whole. Contrary to the name, dry cleaning actually does involve immersing a garment in a grease-dissolving solvent, however, because water is not involved in this process, the term "dry" cleaning is still used. The garments are placed in a computerized machine that controls the exact amount of solvent and detergent to make the cleaning process most effective. This same dry cleaning machine also tumbles and dries the clothing before they are removed.

Champion Cleaners offers dry cleaning and wet cleaning—traditional laundry service—for garments as well as other textiles such as wedding gowns, home décor, rugs, uniforms, leather and suede boots, and more. With their years of experience, the professionals at Champion Cleaners have advanced knowledge about fabrics, stains, and cleaners and are able to choose a custom cleaning process that will result in the best outcome possible for customers.

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For more than 15 years, Champion Cleaners, winner of "Best Overall Service 2014" by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, has been a trusted source for dry cleaning, spot removal, and textile restoration services in the greater Birmingham area. Today, Champion Cleaners serves a wide range of Birmingham-area residents with three different cleaning locations in Hoover, Birmingham, and Calera. Additionally, Champion Cleaners offers valet and home delivery services for their Birmingham customers to make dry cleaning services as convenient as possible.

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