Dimitris Zisimopoulos Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Syncgram: The App and the Marketplace of When

Two marketplaces for appointments and calendars plus the app to manage them and life itself.


Athens, Greece -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2015 --Busy people on the go already understand the importance of calendars in keeping a busy life organized. Even for those who never use calendars because they see no purpose to it – Syncgram is a calendar system that is intended to enhance the quality of life of everyone who uses it.

That's because SyncGram will contain approximately 200 calendars encompassing every possible aspect of life including TV schedules, daily appointments, weather, hygiene, diet, education, beauty and so much more. In calendars we make notes about events we want to remember. Readymade calendars have some events already noted. SyncGram will show many calendars together with easy overlap showing everything going on all at once to keep everything in sync.

Consider some calendars that can be shared or published:
-A public calendar - one that a user wants to share with friends, family, or co-workers.
-Television, movies, and any other kind of scheduled show times.
-Family activities such as sports games, piano lessons, or planned weekend activities.
-Appointment or reservation books. We will give you a full reservation system and a marketplace dedicated to them.
-Natural processes of any kind, for example, the phases of plant development, cycles of an illness, etc.
-To-do lists and checklists.

Crowdfunding is sought to fund a full time staff of fifteen IT professionals for a period of six months to bring Syncgram to market. Backers of this Indiegogo project will enjoy deep discounts on lifetime licenses to full access to the app which will run on all Android smartphones and iPhones.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on July 25th, 2015.

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About Dimitris Zisimopoulos
Dimitris is managing director of Crystal Cut s.a. ( Crystal Cut is an IT service provider specializing in marketing and big customer data. Crystal Cut was established in 2000 in Greece. We have worked for many multinational companies including IBM, Microsoft, Barclaycard, Ford, Volvo, Mars, and others. Crystal Cut has 30 people on staff. Ten of them are IT engineers. Most of our employees have at least a University diploma. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and an MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business. He has worked as a software programmer, analyst, and marketer.