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IP Partner Announces Article on Patent Landscape Mapping for Pharmaceutical Applications


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2006 -- IP Partner LLC, a consulting firm specializing in intellectual asset management, today announced the publication of an article, Using Patent Landscape Mapping to Identify Specialty Pharma Opportunities, in the March/April issue of Specialty Pharma.

Patent Landscape Mapping (PLM) is a tool to analyze existing intellectual property (IP) to determine the risks and opportunities of participating in a given technology and/or product space. PLM describes the technologies and alternative solutions that have been applied to a particular product category and identifies competitors, outlining their strategies, strengths and problem-solving approaches. PLM enables a company’s scientific and commercial management teams to identify the best opportunities for investment in a selected product area, to create a strategy to protect their IP, and to establish differentiation with respect to their competitors.

Specialty Pharma, www.specialtypharma.com, is an innovative publication committed to providing specialty pharmaceutical companies a forum to communicate to their current and prospective business partners, namely big pharma, biotech, drug delivery, drug discovery, and other specialty pharma companies as well as the investment banking community.

“We are pleased to be able to present our methods in such a focused and well-read publication. IP often takes a center stage in battles between companies with billions of dollars and years of R&D at stake. It’s no wonder that every company having intellectual property needs to make patent landscape mapping an integral component of its risk reduction protocol. Our methods help businesses to accomplish that”, said Dr. Eve Y. Zhou, Present of IP Partner.

The article is authored by David A. Sacks, VP, Licensing and Eve Y. Zhou, Ph.D., President of IP Partner LLC. Mr. Sacks recently joined IP Partner and has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in licensing, business development and product development. He is also the founder and president of Pharma Technologies LLC, a business development consulting firm. Dr. Zhou is the creator of the IP-Savvy(SM) series of proprietary tools for patent mining and patent landscape analysis.

A reprint of the article can be found on IP Partner’s website, www.ip-partner.com.

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IP Partner LLC is a consulting firm specializing in the creation, strategy, utilization, and monetization of intellectual assets. It is the creator of IP-Savvy(SM) and IP-Invent(SM) series of proprietary tools for patent analysis, mapping and IP value extraction. IP Partner’s clients include companies and law firms involved in pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, medical device, materials, energy, data storage, software, and telecommunications industries.

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