Solution to Manage Everything "After the Bell" Is Designed to Impact Education and Online Safety

Solution to Manage Everything "After the Bell” Goes Beta in Select Schools


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2015 --In late February, Zaahah was introduced at the national conventions of The National Association of Secondary School Principals and The California Association of Directors of Activities. Today, the company is excited to announce that Zaahah is entering a beta phase in schools in Pennsylvania, California and New Mexico.

Zaahah is the first K-12, mobile-web solution to manage everything "After the Bell." The invitation-only platform is designed to spur student discovery and involvement and to improve communication with parents. Schools will utilize Zaahah to build and connect online communities to elicit — not only student — but also parent, alumni and community involvement.

Data supports that students who are involved in school-related activities have higher self-esteem, grades, and graduation rates — the premise of Zaahah. Mike Smith, the Founder of The Alliance for Student Activities further states, "If students, regardless of their background, participate in at least two school-sponsored activities, we can statistically eliminate the chance that they will drop out."

James Sisneros, the Founder & CEO of Zaahah stated, "Over the past 18 months, I have immersed myself in education. I saw a real need to support student activities by providing a more meaningful and safer social experience. Feedback from principals, teachers, activity directors, coaches, parents and students contributed to a simple solution to benefit every stakeholder in education."

One of Zaahah's directives is to address online safety by partitioning students from adults, enabling students an avenue to explore their individual passions and to safely seek out other students or clubs while eliminating online predation. The program's inherent design and robust flagging capability is also expected to reduce cyberbullying.

Dr. Michael Stanton, Principal of nex+Gen Academy stated that "being an innovative school, and a demonstration school of the New Tech Network, we have needed a solution that supports all things school-related, and a single platform to reach parents and our business partners."

Individuals and institutions who are interested in participating in Zaahah's beta launch are urged to contact them at

About Zaahah
Zaahah is developed by Startup Productions, an emerging technology company based in Philadelphia, PA.

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