PUB HTML5 Flip Book Maker Sparks Digital Publishing Innovation

Developers Deliver on Industry Demands for Next Generation Platforms, Increased Speed and Multiple Publishing Channels


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2015 --PUB HTML5, a fast-growing flip book maker and digital publishing platform, is meeting industry demands for next generation platforms, increased speed and multiple publishing channels.

"Publishers are desperate to capture the attention, loyalty and sales of the digital generation because it's absolutely key to market dominance," said Jason Chen, chief technology officer of PUB HTML5. "In order to do that, you have to be a leader in innovation. And PUB HTML5 has all of the tools and features to help publishers push the envelope and deliver something that's unique and competitive."

PUB HTML5 is easily differentiated from other flip book maker solutions. The software allows publishers to showcase their content in a unique way, speeds up the digital publishing process and provides multiple channel options for publishing content.

PUB HTML5's flip book maker turns basic publications into rich, interactive media experiences. Publishers can integrate multimedia and animation, as well as other elements, to showcase their content in a unique and compelling way.

Unlike many of its competitors, the PUB HTML5 flip book maker provides high-speed and smooth PDF to flip book conversion. By allowing users to create a digital flip book in batch, the solution allows them more time to focus on creativity and strategies to maximize reach and monetize content.

PUB HTML5 also provides a variety of channels for publishing. Users can showcase their publications on a personalized homepage on the software's site, by embedding it on their own sites and on multiple social media channels.

"Our developers are constantly working to improve our flip book maker and ensure that it is full of features that will allow publishers to create a finished product that perfectly captures their vision, and rises above industry standards," said Chen.

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