Memory Foam Furniture

The Combination of Disability and Bedding Prove Valuable.


Whitewater, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2006 -- Ross Goldberg, owner of Memory Foam Furniture, went into a coma on July 7th, 2005. Doctors found he was ill with Encephalomyelitis, or swelling of the brain and spine. He awoke paralyzed. He and his wife Jaime had just opened their brand new bedding business one month prior.

Ross Goldberg has Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and permanent nerve damage from his Encephalomyelitis. He cannot feel temperature from his shoulders down. No Doctor can explain what happened to him or why. Now able to walk, Ross spends most of his time working on his business and talking with customers. When not hard at work, he plays with his three children or watches movies with his wife. He sounds like a normal twenty seven year old man, outside of his illnesses. What you don't see here is the business Mr. Goldberg has built in less than a year.

Memory Foam Furniture was started in June of 2005 on Ebay. A website went up shortly thereafter and has risen to the top of the search engines very quickly. Ross did not hire any companies to do search engine optimization. He did it all on his own by reading e-books and talking to other webmasters to find out how to rank well with the most important search engines. As of today's date, he owns four websites: a nonprofit site for informative purposes a brand site for his own brand of beds a site for all of the other products that he has access to.

No bedding company has grown as quickly as Memory Foam Furniture and its sister companies.

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