VoiceAmerica and Host Beth Green Announce a New Radio Show Galvanizing the Inner Revolution Already Rocking Our World

In mid-May, VoiceAmerica and host Beth Green launched a new radio show called InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, whose purpose is to be the voice of the Inner Revolution shaking our world. The program has attracted prominent guests who have already made a major impact on our world, but it also shines light on ordinary people making a difference in their communities. The show airs every Tuesday, 3-4 pm Pacific time on VoiceAmerica.com, 7th wave channel.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2015 --In mid-May, Voice America, the premiere internet radio network, and host Beth Green launched a new radio show called InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, whose purpose is to be the voice of the Inner Revolution, which Beth claims is already shaking our world. Based on the premise that we need to challenge everything we think, feel and do, the show features high-profile guests who have already made a substantial impact in their fields. But it also shines light on ordinary people who are challenging old ways of being in their own spheres and communities.

This show is taking off. For example, it has already attracted guests, such as:
- award-winning holistic health pioneer (Dr. Larry Dossey)
- a radical nun shaking up the Catholic church (Sister Simone Campbell)
- a woman defying the Taliban to support the rights of women and children in Afghanistan (Dr. Sakena Yacoobi)
- an internationally-known peacemaker promoting conscious activism (James O'Dea)

Beth and her show have struck a chord. In an unsolicited testimonial from her first guest, interviewed June 2, Dr. Larry Dossey, renowned pioneer of the holistic health movement, said "Beth Green has fire in her belly and courage in her heart. Her compassionate, eloquent, down-to-earth messages are invariably directed toward helping real people -- you and me -- but they are also aimed toward the welfare of the Earth itself. Beth was there for decades when nobody else was, standing up for important life-affirming issues. Her grasp of critical problems is sweeping, and is grounded in the nitty-gritty problems of daily life we all contend with. Her internet presence is not a boutique, self-promoting website like so many, but is dedicated to high purposes and practical ones as well. I swear she is equally at home with stuff as mundane as dandruff and as critical as global warming and species collapse. She is concerned with our future and what it will look like. Do yourself a favor: Tune in. Pay attention. Follow Beth. Your life will be richer as a result." Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind.

"Change is happening and it can't be stopped," says Beth Green, host. "Transgenders coming out, people questioning the role of competition vs. cooperation, society challenging the incarceration of the mentally ill, individuals using social media every day to speak for themselves, the Inner Revolution is on the move, and it needs a voice. InsideOut: The Inner Revolution IS that voice.

"The Inner Revolution is the call to humanity to challenge our beliefs, cultures and self-justifications. It's the call to topple the 'gods' that run us – fear, social conformity and narrow self-interest. But the Inner Revolution is more than the fight AGAINST. It is the fight FOR – for a different way of relating to ourselves and our world. And in my view, that new way is what I call the Three Commitments – where we shift from the 'me' to the 'we,' become accountable for the impact of our behaviors on ourselves and others, and consciously engage in mutual support."

In addition to being a radio host, Beth is the founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org, creator of Beth Green TV on YouTube and an author, composer, spiritual teacher and counselor. She is also a lifelong activist—first as a social activist and then as a spiritual activist. Born in conservative times, in 1954 at the age of 9, Beth defied McCarthyism and was threatened with expulsion from elementary school for demanding worldwide economic justice and for upholding the separation of church and state. She was reported to the FBI. In 1961 at the age of 16, Beth wrote a letter to The New York Times protesting nuclear proliferation. To her surprise, the letter was published and then spread by people worldwide. This led to her expulsion from the Ivy League college she was attending on scholarship.

Despite many painful setbacks, Beth has never given up trying to alleviate needless suffering. After years of social activism, Beth had a spiritual and psychic awakening in her mid-30s and founded her non-profit organization called The Stream. Combining her passion for people's wellbeing and her amazing intuitive gifts, she created healing modalities, transformational processes and community to support real and permanent change. Now, years later, she is taking her work to another level, her support for The Inner Revolution. The Stream evolved into TheInnerRevolution.Org and is dedicated to the cause.

Beth is available for interviews about her fascinating life, the new show and/or The Inner Revolution. Contact Todd Benton at (760) 731-4855, todd@theinnerrevolution.org.

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