Marco Saulle Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo for the Market Launch of uBlend Nutrition

Marco Saulle is the founder of uBlend Nutrition, the world’s first instant shakes technology for compartmented active powder shakes. He is looking to raise $2,500,000 via Indiegogo for the market launch of uBlend Nutrition.


Milano, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2015 --Health conscious individuals around the world regularly take supplements, and there are plenty of valid active supplements for them to choose from. However, Most of these supplements are available in the form of pill or powder. There are some ready to drink supplements that have a simpler nutritional formula compared to the powdered form. This is primarily because most of the active ingredients cannot be stored in a liquid suspension. This is where uBlend Nutrition promises to make a significant difference.

Marco Saulle's proprietary, ready to activate shake technology provides everything in one comprehensive package where the filtered water and the active formula are stored in a bottle and the closure, respectively. This co-packing system stores all ingredients in a dry state until the supplement is activated. The supplement can be activated simply by peeling the seal, pressing the activator down, and shaking it for just ten seconds.

Some of unique benefits of using uBlend Nutrition include

- No need to take scoops out of the drum and into the shaker.

- No need to look for clean, fresh water.

- No need to buy bottles of water.

- No need to wash or drink from the smelly shakers.

- More nutritious than any other product in the same category.

- No use of preservatives nor stabilizers

- Increased shelf life to over 18 months at room temperature, because we bottle purified water and this is the normal shelf life for bottle water and also because, the ingredients are stored at the top away from water, inside the chambered closure.

- Consumption of freshly activated drink compared to some other drink made days, weeks or months earlier. You actually make your drink at time of consumption.

- Cheap, handy, and convenient.

Unfortunately, Marco Saulle is in need of external funding to make any further progress. He has just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $2,500,000 for this project. This fund will be used for

-Equipment: injection molding tools, powder blenders, closure filling and assembly, preform bottle injection molding machine, compressor, bottle – blower machine, water filtration system, bottle rinsing, water bottling machine, bottling capping machine, sleever applicator, straw applicator, boxing and shrink sleeve robots.

-Purchase of the certified building with white rooms necessary for powder blending, water filtration and bottling etc.

-Hire a nutritional scientist, buy stock supplies, buy online software, start online marketing, rent international warehouse distribution, and pay for the exhibitions.

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About uBlend Nutrition
uBlend Nutrition is the world's first instant shakes technology for compartmented active powder shakes. Marco Saulle is the founder of this revolutionary technology.