Alfa One Corporation

Alfa One Corp Expects Further Increases in Asian Demand for Mergers and Acquisitions in 2015

Alfa One Corp, the Tokyo based financial advisory company, believes that the region-wide surge in demand for corporate M&A deals will continue through this year and into the following year as more and more business interests take advantage of these structured arrangements.


Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2015 --As an integral part of its dealings, the full service financial advisory company, Alfa One Corporation, provides advice and services to corporate clients in the fields of mergers and acquisitions and company restructuring. Recently like its industry peers, Alfa One Corp has witnessed the demand for the services increase, and has altered course to accommodate these increased levels of demand. The changes have seen the company devote additional resources to its departments involved in managing not only its corporate clients, but more specifically, those personnel that are involved in providing M&A/Corporate restricting management and advice. This year so far, the company has added a further 15 personnel to its personnel, to keep ahead of both demand and industry rivals, selecting key individuals from recent company takeovers.

The bulk of this escalating surge in demand for M&A's across the Asia-Pacific region comes from China and Japan, two countries in which varying factors have helped to not only kick start, but support demand from companies looking to enter their markets. Alfa One Corp acknowledges that outside of its domestic Japanese business that international clients seeking access to Chinese markets through structured merger arrangement is its second largest source of revenue, with this facet of its business also experiencing the highest rate of growth in the last twelve months.

Ms. Risa Nakai, Public Relations spokesperson for Alfa One Corp, detailed her company's intentions of meeting this demand for M&A services, "The trend of increased demand which can be traced back as far as the beginning of 2012 has now grown at such a pace as to be hampered only by the lack of capacity, by industry providers, to handle it in a timely fashion. Alfa One Corp has of late, increased its capacity, in terms of manpower and contracted representation in different localities to meet clients various needs more efficiently. We are currently reviewing our operations, in an effort to better address and resolve any shortfalls, looking at how best to manage recent acquisitions ensuring that our client base is best served."