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Kef Tech, LLC, Presents Latest Metroboard Electric Skateboard for Summer 2015


Camas, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2015 --Kef Tech, LLC, is offering a variety of new Metroboards for the summer of 2015, including enhancements to its classic motorized skateboard and electric longboard designs.

The refined Metroboard Slim has a slick appearance and is an ideal combination of top speed, acceleration, hill climbing ability and range, due to an efficient gear ratio. The all black 40" Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard - Stealth Edition, and the wooden deck 40" Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard - Bamboo, each come with an enhanced 20 or 40 mile riding range.

The 36" Gravity – Slim Electric Skateboard now comes with a 10 or 15 mile range and a slim, super lightweight battery that's just 22 mm thick. The 33.5" Mini Slim Electric Longboard is one of the smallest, most compact boards on the market, and it now comes with an improved 10 mile range and a weight of 14.9 lbs., making it easy to store or carry before riding.

A new Metroboard motorized skateboard comes equipped with the powerful 3,000 watt Brushless Outrunner Motor and a 20 mph top speed (32km/h). They also come with a wireless IR remote control (interference-free and vibration proof), wheel size choice of 83 mm or 97 mm and premium vibration absorbing wheels that allow riders to glide over rougher surfaces. 75A hardness wheels are available for a super soft ride.

Metroboards come with basic safety equipment, including high-power, 2 watt front (white) and rear (red) LED lights to help with visibility at night. There is also a bell that can be used to warn passersby, which is controlled by the wireless remote. The Metroboard's advantages over competitors include an extended range, more deck choices and night lighting, ultimately creating better experiences for riders.

Customer testimonials praise Metroboard's products, highlighting their fun and versatility for everyday use or recreation. Combined with excellent customer support, the Metroboard electric skateboard is the ideal choice compared to other products on the market.

Metroboards can be used as fun transportation to run errands in the neighborhood or to get to work, making them versatile and practical. Riders can also just cruise down the beach and enjoy the breeze of the ocean air, while enjoying the scenery.

For additional information on a new motorized skateboard or electric longboard, please visit or phone 360-335-3211 to speak to a customer service representative. Shipping discounts are available for domestic and international customers.

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Kef Tech, LLC, is an innovative motorized skateboard and electric longboard company, offering best-in-class products to consumers all over the world. The company's products are sleek, efficient and fun, providing individuals with a personal transportation solution that's eco-friendly and cost-effective. The company's flagship brand, the Metroboard, is among the most respected in the electric skateboard industry.