PUB HTML5 Provides Talented Magazine Maker for Teachers for Free Online

PUB HTMLS offers a wholesome digital publishing solution for any individuals, businesses, publishers and non-profit organizations.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2015 --It can now be confirmed from credible sources that teachers and students alike, can now be in a position to easily and seamlessly create digital magazines all thanks to tools available from PUB HTML5's magazine maker. What's more? It's to be done absolutely free of charge, online. The flipping magazine maker is a software that will allow users to easily create and access incredible digital publications on their PC, Android and iOS mobile devices.

This initiative will encourage students to more creatively express their knowledge by producing material they could be proud of. Teachers and students can now be part of the PUB HTML5 online platform by signing up for free as members. Following this, they can then create engaging digital magazines by uploading all manner of work files such as images, PDF documents and the whole range of MS-Office files of homework, course wares, photo albums, individual writings etc. Additionally, multimedia and animation content can also be embedded to the publications to create immersive media experiences.

Users of iPads and other iOS devices can access digital page-flip books cost free. The page flip feature is both online and offline-ready and it provides rich multimedia as well as stunning HTML animation on these devices. The outright advantage of digital magazines is that they can be submitted as links to interested readers through various online platforms such as websites, social media as well as e-mail.

In the wake of this product's launch, Jason Chen, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PUB HTML5 elatedly stated, "We care about the publishers and the readers as well, so we developed a better way of publishing providing the readers with great reading materials."

A cost free HTML5 platform of digital publishing, PUB HTML5 is designed to convert MS-office, PDF and Open Office documents into HTML magazines featuring interactive catalogs that are j-query based. The magazines are compatible for reading on iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones as well multiple android platform devices.

PUB HTML5 differentiates itself from other digital publishing solutions in that, the entire process of digital publishing is simplified and in effect sped up. This makes PUB HTML5 incredibly user friendly as virtually anyone can use it.

With a wide of range of pre-defined templates, an immersive page-flipping digital book can be created. The templates can be further customized with a diverse range of colors, logos, buttons, amongst other enhancements.

PUB HTML5 is arguably the leading technology solutions provider for HTML5 based digital software publications. Simply put, the digital publishing software allows one to convert PDF files as well as any printed material to exceptionally engaging digital publications. The software is very user friendly and easy to download, install, configure/customize and its compatible PC Windows 8 as well as iOS and Android.

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