Bring Business Education to Your iPhone for Only $4.99 During "MBA Week"

Intersog, a leading developer of mobile learning applications, has announced that all of their Pocket MBA, Pocket Manager, and Pocket CFO mobile learning apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be available at one time or another for only $4.99 during ‘MBA Week’, the developer’s annual week-long promotional campaign.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2010 -- Chicago based mobile applications developer Intersog LLC today announces that every educational app from their Pocket MBA, Pocket CFO, and Pocket Manager mobile learning collections developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch will become available at a significant discount at various times throughout the next full week. This promotion comes as part of Intersog’s ‘MBA Week’, an annual celebration in recognition of the flexible and economic learning opportunities mobile financial as well as business education solutions provide. As a reward to customers who act during ‘MBA Week’, every Pocket MBA, Pocket CFO, and Pocket Manager iPhone app will available for the greatly reduced price of $4.99 on the iTunes App Store for the duration of this promotion.

Intersog’s MBA Week promotion will be tiered, with the trio of featured learning app collections going on sale at different times. For the first two days of the week starting from October, 12th all Pocket Manager apps will be on sale. Midway through MBA Week – it’s 3rd and 4th days – all Pocket CFO will become available at a discount. The promotion’s last three days are reserved for the Pocket MBA collection, with all apps from this collection going on sale until the conclusion of MBA Week.

Each mobile course developed for this trio of educational app collections is structured to be a complete learning solution for working professionals who want to engage themselves and progress in their knowledge of real world business dynamics, management practices, or financial management. Every app from these three collections includes a full course text as well as a complete set of learning features to aide users in studying and retaining knowledge from course content. Self-testing functionalities to reinforce students’ understanding of management skills, business concepts, or managerial practices, are included as well.

The substantial drop in these app’s prices as a part of ‘MBA Week’ adds further incentive for already dedicated business owners and managers to take advantage of the relevant skills, knowledge base, and practical concepts that all Pocket MBA, Pocket CFO, and Pocket Manager mobile course applications offer in either the areas of business, finance, or management. Every one of these course app will retain 100% of their original content, user functionalities, and learning features during this sale. With the commencement of Intersog’s ‘MBA Week’ promotions the developer has set a new standard in the mobile education market for economic yet in-depth and effective education solutions.