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ceTe Software Releases Version 4.0 of DynamicPDF(TM) Products for .NET


Columbia, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2006 -- ceTe Software, a company which specializes in components for real-time PDF generation and manipulation, announced the release of DynamicPDF(TM) Generator v4.0 for .NET and DynamicPDF(TM) Merger v4.0 for .NET. These versions provide many new features such as linearization (fast web-view), creation of interactive form fields, PDF/X and prepress support, XMP, PDF417 bar codes, JavaScript, ordered and unordered lists, etc. Additionally, many enhancements we made to existing features. The DynamicPDF(TM) products enable software developers to provide PDF content dynamically from enterprise applications for presentation, distribution or archiving. These products are available with flexible licensing including royalty-free developer licensing and server-based licensing.

About DynamicPDF(TM) Generator v4.0 for .NET

DynamicPDF(TM) Generator v4.0 for .NET is a class library that can be used by software developers to create PDF documents from their applications programmatically. It offers an easy-to-use object model that is extensible and allows a high degree of customization. The updated version 4.0 includes a long list of new features and has improved memory management.

With DynamicPDF(TM) Generator, PDF documents can be generated straight to a file, byte array, Web Form or System.IO.Stream object. The assembly is 100% managed and uses only safe code. The object model is intuitive and easy-to-learn, yet at the same time is very powerful. A free Community Edition of this product is available on the company website.

About DynamicPDF(TM) Merger v4.0 for .NET

DynamicPDF(TM) Merger v4.0 for .NET can be used by software developers to programmatically merge, split, stamp, form-fill and personalize PDF documents. The updated version 4.0 includes many new features such as retention of annotations, preservation of bookmarks, addition of interactive form fields to existing PDF documents, and preservation of document level JavaScript. A free Evaluation version of Merger is available on the company website.

About ceTe Software

ceTe Software has been developing quality software components and applications for customers since 1997. They have over seven years of experience in the field of PDF related components. ceTe Software is located in Columbia, Maryland, USA and their website is http://www.cete.com

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