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Speech Therapy Offered by La Speech Therapy Solutions in Los Angeles

Cassi Alter is a Los Angeles based pediatric Speech Language Pathologist with over twenty years of clinical experience and is the owner of LA Speech Therapy Solutions. Her office is located at 117 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (323) 954-0887.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2015 --Cassi Alter and her team of highly trained speech therapists and speech language pathologists specialize in adult and child speech therapy in Los Angeles. LA Speech Therapy Solutions is the leading therapy facilities in American with a staff devoted to healing and diminishing the number of people suffering from speech therapy difficulties.

The professional and friendly staff takes an approachable approach when offering patient care for speech therapy in Los Angeles. By integrating previous medical research as well as current, this front of the line facility promises to provide only brand-new treatment plans that offer the most inclusive and fast results. For parents of children with speech therapy

"Our comprehensive voice evaluation will clearly identify factors that are negatively affecting your child's vocal quality and abilities," said Alter.

The signs for parents to look out for from their child's voice are straining, hoarse sounds, breathy, raspy, yelling often and the discomfort with the way he/she voice sounds. It is important to take action with a speech language pathologist for the children and families to overcome voice challenges. LA Speech Therapy Solutions provides family training, counseling, education and helpful services throughout the entire treatment process.

In addition to speech therapy offered in Los Angeles, La Speech Therapy Solutions offers a wide range of voice therapy treatment programs such as stuttering therapy, speech and language disorders.

About LA Speech Therapy Solutions
Cassi Alter is a highly regarded pediatric Speech Language Pathologist specializing in speech therapy in Los Angeles. Alter is the owner of LA Speech Therapy Solutions located at 117 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (323) 954-0887.