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Morgan Electrical Carbon Boosts Reliability Of Motors Driven By PWM Drives In Europe - Saves Motors From Bearing Failures With Revolutionary Aegis Shaft Grounding Ring


Mechanic Falls, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2006 -- Electro Static Technology is pleased to announce that Morgan Electrical Carbon is Europe’s exclusive distributor of AEGIS SGR™ Conductive MicroFiber™ Shaft Grounding Brush. AEGIS SGR™ boosts the reliability of any AC motor controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD) by channeling destructive shaft currents away from the motor bearings to earth. Detailed product information is available to download at on this website www.morgancarbon.com/index-europe.htm

Wherever PWM drives are used in industrial and commercial applications, catastrophic bearing failure could occur in the motors or any directly attached equipment because of the extremely high frequency currents induced onto the shaft of the motors. Without a reliable earthing device installed on the motors, currents are induced on the motor shafts and typically discharge through the motor bearings, causing pitting, fluting and failure.

European industry has taken the lead in the use of PWM drives which are crucial to achieve precise process control and tremendous energy savings required in modern industrial and commercial applications. VFDs are now used extensively to control industrial processes: steel mills, pulp and paper industry, power generation, commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, pumps, air handling, rollers, spindles, extrusion machines, winders and many more applications.

AEGIS SGR prevents costly motor failure, repairs and downtime by protecting bearings from electrical damage for the life of the motor. It is ideal for any industrial or commercial application where drives are used to control AC motors of any size and will prevent bearing failures from circulating currents in AC and DC motors. It is easily installed by sliding the brush over the motor shaft and locking it in place with simple screw-on brackets.

Unlike conventional shaft earthing brushes which wear out quickly and lose their effectiveness, AEGIS SGR’s conductive microfibres work with virtually no friction or wear and last for the life of the motor. No RPM limitations, maintenance-free and manufactured entirely from non-toxic materials, AEGIS SGR is unaffected by dirt, grease, or other contaminants and provides the longest-lasting protection available.

Electro Static Technology is the global leader in the elimination and/or mitigation of induced electrical charges on rotating and moving surfaces. Electro Static Technology manufactures the patent pending AEGIS SGR™ shaft grounding brush for the electric motor and generator industry and is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a $12 billion multinational conglomerate operating in 44 countries.

Morganite Electrical Carbon Ltd. is a division of Morgan Crucible a leading supplier of electrical and mechanical carbon products to all facets of industry.

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