Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce

NEW PROFESSIONAL FORUM: Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce Announces New Business Forum


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2006 -- One of the biggest complaints with forums in the Virtual Assistance industry is the lack of meaty discussion, where honest, meaningful feedback is encouraged and fostered. The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce aims to end that with its new free Virtual Assistance industry forum, Virtual Assistant Networking for Growth Forum, found at

“We feel sugar-coated responses do a real disservice to those looking for meaningful advice and assistance in growing their Virtual Assistant business and creating a credible, marketable image,” states Danielle Keister of, founder and 10 year veteran of the Virtual Assistance profession. “Who can really grow in that kind of culture? This forum was created in direct response to the frustrations voiced by countless new and veteran VAs who’ve contacted me over the past two years.”

The Virtual Assistant Networking for Growth Forum is intended for both new and veteran Virtual Assistants, where start-up questions on setting up a VA business, operations policies and processes, and pricing and marketing strategies can be posed by newcomers and answered by veterans who generously donate their time and expertise.

Specific technical categories are included such as Web Design, Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing, Blogging, Marketing, etc. There are also special sections for Success, Profitability and Innovation that cover such thought-provoking topics such as “How Do You Define Success?” “Customer Service—Getting to ‘Wow!’ and “Masterminding.”

The forum also offers a great place to blow off steam and just plain socialize in the “Daily Funnies,” “Around the Watercooler” and “Rants and Raves” threads.

Really, there’s something for everyone at every level of owning a Virtual Assistance business, and the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce can’t wait to see everyone there.