PigeonShip Launches New Crowdshipping Apps to Access Its Peer-to-Peer Delivery Platform


Salt Lake, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2015 --The Utah based startup, PigeonShip (http://www.pigeonship.com), announced the release of a new and improved crowdshipping app that is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

PigeonShip allows users to conveniently send items by connecting them with someone that is travelling in the same direction as their package's destination. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, the PigeonShip peer-to-peer delivery platform has the added benefit of hassle-free pick-up and same day delivery service without the need to box or package items. The new PigeonShip app makes the crowdshipping process even easier and enables users to arrange their deliveries on-the-go for ultimate convenience.

Information of where to download the app can be found here: http://blog.pigeonship.com/downloadapp/

Already gathering momentum in the US, crowdshipping is the most disruptive concept to impact the shipping industry since next day delivery. "Our fleet of crowdsourced couriers, or Pigeons, allows items to be collected and dropped off while people are commuting or running errands," explains Jared Overton, Founder and CEO of PigeonShip. Deliveries made via PigeonShip are faster than traditional shipping methods and often delivered same day or within hours of being posted.

PigeonShip creates opportunities for people to make their time more productive and profitable by delivering items during their daily travels. Anyone can be a Pigeon, from students and stay-at-home parents to Uber drivers.

To sign up to be a Pigeon, please visit: https://www.pigeonship.com/register/index

"There are things in life we must do, but we simply don't want to. Standing in line at the post office or an express shipping center to ship an item is definitely on that list," says Overton. "From a business perspective, companies who rely on express shipping and messengers for local deliveries can see a significant reduction in shipping costs by using PigeonShip." PigeonShip eliminates the various inconveniences of the shipping process and reduces total shipping costs at the same time.

PigeonShip was the first peer-to-peer delivery service to debut in the United States. In the past 3-years, PigeonShip has delivered thousands of items from car keys and gift baskets, to pets and items purchased via Craigslist and KSL Classifieds. PigeonShip was founded by Jared Overton, a Marriott School of Finance Honor Graduate (BYU), restaurant franchiser, and former top distributor at Healthy Chocolate International and Visuals Sciences.

About PigeonShip
Founded in 2012 by Jared Overton, PigeonShip was the first crowdshipping service available in the United States and has been disrupting the shipping industry ever since.

Headquartered in Utah, the platform connects senders to a crowd-sourced fleet of couriers looking to earn extra income during their daily commutes or while running errands. PigeonShip is both an environmentally friendly and low-cost solution for sending items.

You can learn more about PigeonShip at http://PigeonShip.com or download the PigeonShip App here: http://blog.pigeonship.com/downloadapp/

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