357AliveP40 Deal Ventures, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Games and Gaming Systems

Founder of 357AliveP40 Deal Ventures, LLC, Roy Lee Clendenin, is proud to announce the launch of his new website venture, WeLuvGames.com; the website offers a wide assortment of games, gaming systems, and computers including PlayStation games, Nintendo games, Xbox games, and PC games. For more information, visit the website's blog at BestVideoGameBlog.com.


Aston, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2015 --Roy Lee Clendenin is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, http://www.WeLuvGames.com. The website offers a broad selection of different games, gaming systems, and computers the people can play games on. He offers Nintendo games, PC games, Xbox games, and PlayStation games that customers of all ages can enjoy. Clendenin was inspired to start his website by his own love of different games. He wanted to create a website that would offer gamers the games that they might be looking into buying.

There are many high quality games featured within the merchandise of WeLuvGames.com. The website offers products including Nintendo 3DS games, PlayStation 3 video games, Wii U games, Xbox One games, PC games, Xbox 360 games, and much more. In the future, Clendenin is planning to continue adding many new products to his website. He will continue to add games that are new when they are released to the general public.

Providing a well-organized website that is easy to navigate is very important to Clendenin regarding WeLuvGames.com. The website is broken into organized categories to make it very simple for customers to find the products that they are looking for. By dividing the games into the systems that they are played on, he has made it so that customers can easily look for games that will work on the video game systems that they have.

In addition to the main website, Clendenin is launching a blog located at http://www.BestVideoGameBlog.com

The blog will cover topics related to games and gaming products. Clendenin will be talking about the different games, writing about other products on the site, and providing information about gaming in general. The goal of the blog is to provide customers with further information that they can use to make better decisions about which games they choose to purchase.

About WeLuvGames.com
WeLuvGames.com, a division of 357AliveP40 Deal Ventures, LLC, is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Roy Lee Clendenin.

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