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Digital Marketing Consultant Offers Tips for Choosing SEO Experts

People promising to deliver “top SEO results” are everywhere, but how does a business executive choose the best fit for his or her company among all the contenders? Digital marketing consultant Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing offers eight of her best tips for choosing a search engine optimization professional.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2015 --People claiming to deliver "top SEO results" are everywhere, but the decision to outsource SEO is daunting for business owners who are reluctant to give up internal control. How will they know whether their money is well-spent and working toward the achievement of their business goals when they understand little about the inner workings of SEO themselves?

"The average SEO expert salary is $60,000, so you can save substantially by outsourcing this work, rather than hiring someone in house," explains digital marketing consultant Mandy McEwen. "The trouble is that there can be a feeling of ill ease in the beginning because most executives aren't sure how to measure the effectiveness of search engine optimization, other than to look for improvement in Google rankings. Progress can happen overnight if your site has an obvious issue, but in most cases, it takes time and trust that your SEO provider is doing a good job and not just taking you for a ride."

To help professionals make a choice they can feel good about, Mandy McEwen recommends vetting SEO prospects for the following traits:

- Experience – People new to SEO often try the same tactics for every brand, not understanding how the field can be customized for each individual business to get better results.

- The Whole Enchilada – SEO is more than coding a webpage; you want someone who understands all facets of SEO, including technical error correction, but also on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

- A Proven Track Record – Case studies and testimonials set true professionals apart from the blowhards who can talk a fine game but lack the real experience to further your digital marketing goals.

- Content Expertise – The best content is optimized for search engines with appropriate word count, keywords, Meta descriptions, links, optimized images, H1/H2/H3 titles and crawl-friendly formatting.

- Strategic Thinking – Rather than choosing a dedicated SEO expert, select a team that can look at the bigger picture to achieve your company goals through content, social media, paid ads, and web design, as well as SEO.

- Amiable Attitude – The pool of people offering SEO is vast; don't settle for someone you feel isn't the best fit, personality-wise. There are many arrogant and poorly organized people in the business! Trust your gut.

- Passion – There are people who can "get the job done," and then there are people who approach the task with gusto and truly work for your business as if it were their own. Choose a person who is excited about your brand.

- Measurement Tools – The best SEO specialists ensure that you're not left in the dark by providing clear, concise reports that demonstrate progress toward your traffic and conversion goals.

"SEO experts are everywhere, but it's difficult to find the right person who is results-driven, reputable, experienced and easy to work with," says Mandy McEwen. Over the past decade, she has assembled a team of reliable digital marketing professionals who operate seamlessly to improve brand recognition, visibility, targeted traffic, and sales. While they've worked for clients in many different fields, their specialties lie in helping businesses from industries like: B2B tech, healthcare, construction, real estate, home building, advertising & PR, web design, business coaching, and financial/business services.

Mandy invites executives looking for SEO help to contact her directly, stating: "I'm happy to offer my consulting services to link business owners with any kind of online marketing service they need, help with strategic development, or implement a fully automated marketing plan that includes everything from web design, SEO and paid advertising, to content creation, social media and video marketing."

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