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Excelite Invested $1,000,000 on New Factory to Manufacture Swimming Pool Enclosures


Shanghai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2015 --After over two years of market research and analysis, Excelite Plastics Ltd. is pleased to announce that they'll be venturing on the swimming pool enclosure market. This is after they had installed the first 7,873 polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures in both China and Europe.

Investing over $1,000,000 comes at a time when the demand for this vital product has really increased. The demand for this product increased by 43%, according to the report released last month by the company's sales department. The number of orders has also doubled and it's expected to triple before the end of the year.

Excelite Plastics Ltd. has invested in the following types of swimming pool enclosures:

1.The commercial pool enclosures

The commercial pool enclosures forms about 63% of the pool already installed by Excelite Plastics Ltd. They have been installed in restaurants, gymnasium, hotels and health clubs. Their widths range between 16ft and 82ft. However, there's a great variation in the length of these pools. The company has also installed the residential pool cover as well for quite a number of homeowners, more so in China.

About 97% of clients complained about the amount of revenue they have lost and the poor sustainable conditions their pools have been without the covers. This was also evident from cost benefit analysis carried by Excelite team on the pool covers they had installed in January. Their clients have been able to save up to 39% of the amount of money they could spend on maintaining their outdoor swimming pools.

This has been possible through research and the use of quality materials, which are safe and comply with the industry standards. It is a process, where contractors, consultants, designers and the swimming pool owners have been working together for its success.

2.The retractable pool enclosures

Excelite Plastics Ltd. is one of those companies known for their innovative swimming pool enclosure designs. The retractable pool enclosure has been trending since last year. This technology has revolutionized the pool construction industry. Such pools are convenient and adaptable to nearly all seasons.

The key cons of this equipment include reduced heating and energy costs, keeping the pool clean, increasing water temperature and keeping the pool safe. This has been a perfect option for most residential swimming pools. The automated systems have been integrated into these pool enclosure designs.

3.The custom designed enclosures

The retractable pool enclosure has been one of the most popular. The custom designed pool can transform the outdoor. The aesthetic appeal has been a major concern for people who've installed pool enclosures.

Venturing in the pool enclosures will have a positive impact on Excelite's parent company. This is because it has majored in the production of the polycarbonate panels. This company has invested in a quite number of polycarbonate options.

Polycarbonate is a strong and flexible material. Their pool enclosures are UV protected and have been stabilized to withstand the harsh weather conditions. It is not affected by the hot sun. Quite a number pool enclosures the company installed last year in Australia are still in good condition.

Excelite's efforts to venture in this industry have been one of the major milestones in this essential facility. By injecting $1,000,000 in this new company, it expects to expand its market throughout Europe and Asia. The ability to produce customized designs has received a good reception in these regions.

About Excelite Plastics Ltd.
Excelite Plastics Ltd. is a Chinese owned company. Its headquarters is in Shanghai, China. It has begun venturing in the polycarbonate industry in 2001.

So far, it is the leading supplier of polycarbonate products in China. Venturing in the swimming pool enclosures has been a key a project, which begun last year.

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