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Yakima, WA Dentist Dr. John Carbery Provides Painless Dental Care with Latest Technology

Dr. John Carbery of Oasis Dental in Yakima, WA uses WaterLase technology to provide painless dental care


Yakima, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2015 --Yakima dentist Dr. John Carbery of Oasis Dental recently introduced some of the latest dental technology to his Washington dental office to provide patients with a more enjoyable, painless dental experience. Using the WaterLase minimally invasive dental laser, Dr. Carbery is able to complete a variety of dental procedures without having to use needles, anesthetic, or conventional dental drills.

WaterLase represents some of the leading technology in the dental industry that is replacing the traditional high-speed hand piece, also known as the dental drill. Conventional dental drills utilize small burs that rotate quickly to carve through tooth enamel. And while dental drills are effective in re-shaping tooth structure, they also work with friction, which causes heat and consequently triggers pain for the patient. For this reason, dentists using drills almost always provide anesthetic through injections near the treatment area. WaterLase, however, uses advanced high-powered lasers along with highly energized water to accomplish micro-ablation of tooth structure, bone, or soft tissue.

WaterLase uses the BIOLASE patented 2,780 nm YSGG laser energy combined with atomizing water/air spray that symbiotically excites water molecules from within to both spray and target the tissue in the treatment area. The WaterLase device doesn't involve any direct contact with the tooth, no vibration, no macrofractures, no thermal damage, no friction, and no cool cutting. As such, using WaterLase doesn't result in pain for the patient.

While WaterLase can effectively replace the dental drill for procedures such as preparation for fillings and crowns, it can also be used for gums, skin, and bone to produce more precise outcomes and results in less bleeding than with a scalpel. Dr. Carbery uses WaterLase technology to treat cold sores, canker sores, gum diseases, and also uses it for gum reshaping, implant procedures, and bacterial reduction.

Because WaterLase doesn't create pain or discomfort for the patient, Dr. Carbery's patients who are candidates for procedures with the WaterLase device don't have to undergo anesthetic injections, which is the element of dental procedures that most patients fear. WaterLase also helps patients feel much more at ease during their treatment without the sound and vibration of the conventional drill.

At Oasis Dental, Dr. Carbery and his staff are committed to helping patients have an enjoyable dental experience while improving their oral health. Dr. Carbery is known for his ongoing efforts to incorporate the latest technology into his dental practice to provide patients with the highest standard of care.

About Dr. John Carbery
Dr. Carbery has been practicing dentistry in Yakima for the better part of his career that has spanned more than three decades. He completed his dental education with honors at the University of Oregon Dental School and began his dental career by serving in the Dental Corps of the U.S. Navy. Dr. Carbery is one of the most experienced dentists in the Yakima area and throughout his accomplished career, has completed numerous continuing education certifications and achieved a number of professional distinctions.

For more information about Dr. John Carbery and the WaterLase technology he uses at Oasis Dental in Yakima, WA, please visit www.oasis-dental.com.