andy alagappan a Div of, Is Offering Innovative Web Marketing Services for the SMB Market for Both B2B & B2C Firms, a div of, was been recently launched to provide innovative and customized on line marketing solutions to a varied collection of prospects.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2015, a div of, has been recently launched to provide innovative and customized on line marketing solutions to a varied collection of prospects. These include leads generation and new websites for Independent services providers, Consultants, Doctors, Attorneys and Coaches, and those who wish to improve their on-line brand visibility and increase new leads generation.

As an industry leader with more than 9+ years of experience, EpromotionZ provides proven Web marketing Solutions that helps SMB web sites to not only increase their web site traffic and sales, but also create online brands on search engines. Backed by a broad range of as well as comprehensive proven Web marketing services, our solutions strengthen customers' overall profitability by increasing revenue, reducing costs, increasing brand awareness and maximizing web site performance.

According to recent SEO report by Ascend2 was based on data from a survey of 286 marketing, sales, and business professionals from around the world (71%, B2B-focused; 29%, B2C).Some 72% of respondents say content creation is one of the most effective SEO tactics they employ; other top tactics are keyword/phrase research (48% cite), frequent website updating (34%), and relevant link building (33%).

Andy Alagappan, COO states, "Our only mission is to earn the loyalty and the trust of our clients. Our service will be qualitative, with measurable analytics and affordable." The service provider promises to maintain utmost transparency in reporting and educating clients in the entire process. The customer will be made aware of what he will get and its cost from the very start. All timelines will be strictly adhered to.

The services offered by the company are based on the initiative of providing customized and uncomplicated solutions to website marketing. Each and every site will be crafted to meet the unique requirements of its niche market.

For more information about the services offered visit the website: . Call 832-677-4620.

About Epromotionz Inc. is a "TOP" proven & experienced search engine optimization firm providing customized & comprehensive, ethical search engine optimization strategies, that have the ultimate aim of increasing targeted qualified prospects to your web site. That's what ultimately sells services. It also markets and creates brand visibility for your business 24/7!