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Marlton Chiropractor Discusses the Variety of Treatments Available to Headache and Migraine Sufferers

Dr. Sauté K. Dean of Dean Chiropractic and Pain Relief encourages full assessment of well-being to determine headache and migraine source


Marlton, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2015 --Dr. Sauté K. Dean of Dean Chiropractic and Pain Relief understands the frustration felt by headache and migraine sufferers. According to the American Chiropractic Association, nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Pain in the head, neck and back are some of the most frequent symptoms seen by chiropractors on a daily basis. While the main symptom of headaches and migraines are mild to severe head pain, some symptoms may be indirectly associated with these pain symptoms, such as depression, hallucinations and even weight problems.

The source of headaches and migraines can be extremely varied and many sufferers turn to pain medications to lead ordinary lives, never undergoing comprehensive consultations to determine the source of their pain. Dr. Dean is a great proponent of understanding underlying causes of conditions to determine the best strategy for treatment and pain relief. Chiropractic care can be extremely effective for helping people with headaches or migraines through the proper alignment of the nervous system.

Dr. Dean tackles all pain-related issues from multiple angles, including spinal manipulation and adjustments, nutritional advice, posture coaching, exercises, relaxation techniques as well as massage therapy and much more. The distraction of even infrequent headaches and migraines can be a debilitating strangle on a sufferer's life and Dr. Dean spends his time making sure his patients get the full consultation and diagnosis they need to begin the path to healing.

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Dr. Sauté K. Dean has more than a decade of experience in the chiropractic field. He has a background education in kinesiology and continues to have a special interest in treating sports injuries and back pain. Over the course of his career, Dr. Dean has worked with many notable athletes as a sports medicine specialist and has helped countless patients find relief from debilitating pain.

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