FlipBuilder Releases a 3-Step Mac Magazine Maker

New three step magazine maker allows Mac users to publish high quality content


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2015 --From the outstanding digital marketing and media company that creates innovative products for the publishing industry and beyond, FlipBuilder has forged a new way for Mac users to make magazines. FlipBuilder's Mac magazine maker brings the three step magazine making process to Mac users and allows everyone to join in the magazine making fun.

Mac magazine maker provides a quick and easy interface for users to create magazines that all readers will enjoy. It only takes three steps to create a magazine: import, design, and publish. This easy, and easy to customize system, can be used for any type of print to digital magazine conversion.

The Mac magazine maker software program assists users with the creation of magazines and other digital text documents such as books. Digital content can help save money on distribution, and will help improve the planet by producing less paper waste. The Mac Magazine Maker is compatible with any Mac OS 10.5 or above, and is great for both amateur and professional layout specialists.

Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipBuilder, says he is "overjoyed to bring the simplicity and usefulness of magazine maker to Mac users everywhere. I hope that this software program helps bring forth creativity and enhances reader engagement with your publication."

Like several other FlipBuilder products, Mac magazine maker uses the page turning audio technology that readers love. Whenever a reader clicks to turn the page, he or she will hear the audio loop of the exact sound of a page turning. Any PDF can be converted to display the page turning feature. This audio feature enhances the reading experience and helps meld the print and digital experience together.

FlipBuilder's amazing Mac magazine maker brings the ease and beauty of creating digital magazines to Mac users everywhere. Mac magazine maker's interactive and easy three step system to create magazines will change the digital landscape for the better!

For more information, visit the application page at http://www.flipbuilder.com/application/page-turning-magazine-mac.html.