PermaMatrix Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Help Grow Extraordinary Plants from Ordinary Dirt

Using an innovative, natural, organic, and sustainable method, PermaMatrix® wishes to change the way people garden, plant, grow, farm, and green the earth around them. The funding requirement for this project is $65,000.


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2015 --The core concept of this project has been borrowed by PermaMatrix® from Mother Nature. Throughout the history of human civilization, it has been observed that human intervention has little role to play in the flourishing state of forests and meadows. PermaMatrix believes that nature has the best solutions, and they have borrowed some of these ideas to bring soil back to its natural state.

PermaMatrix® was developed initially in a commercial form that is sprayed out of large trucks called hydro-seeders. A year and a half ago, the company developed a pellet form that can be applied in gardens, potted plants, and yards. PermaMatrix® is 100% organic and contains no harmful ingredients. It is safe for soils, plants, pets, and kids. It can deliver brilliant results regardless of what is being planted.

PermaMatrix® is extremely easy to use. It can be hand spread over existing gardens or sprinkled into holes dug for new plants. PermaMatrix® turns existing dirt into productive soil. The high efficiency of PermaMatrix® can be attributed to
- Water Retention: Two components of PermaMatrix® that aid in water retention are reed sedge peat and biochar. Reed sedge peat retains 20 times its dry weight in water, yet releases 95% of the water back to the plant.
- Nutrition: Three components in PermaMatrix® aid in plants getting nutrition from the soil. Microbes are the micro-organisms that function as drivers for the soil. Mycorrhizae is a beneficial fungus that helps roots to penetrate deep into soils, and the addition of naturally sourced basalt gives mineral to plants.
- Structure: Biochar offers an ideal host home for microbes as plants are being established. Mineral gives structure and helps to create soil porosity.

PermaMatrix® has recently started a Kickstarter campaign that will help them be more efficient and produce PermaMatrix® in larger volume. This project will only be funded if at least $65,000 is pledged by July 23, 2015.

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About PermaMatrix
PermaMatrix® is utilizing the planet's best engineer – nature – to address soil fertility, and offset the conventional demand for synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. They are excited now to bring a finished product forward and to start changing the way people look at soils.