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Kalamazoo Chiropractor Educates on the Advantages of the Drop Table Technique

Dr. Michael Kudlas informs the Kalamazoo community on the techniques involved with the proper use of a Chiropractic drop table


Kalamazoo, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2015 --As the body ages, the spine can become an issue for many people due to its complexity and lack of proper care. As a matter of fact, nearly 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point during their lives. Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of back pain, as the sudden impact of an accident can cause a variety of issues throughout the back.

As a result, this can bring on many complications that cause a great deal of pain and make it difficult just to accomplish day to day activities. Some complications include sacroiliac joint dysfunction, sciatica, and other disc injuries. Depending on the individual, it may not be essential to treat these conditions with spinal manipulation methods involving a lot of force. Fortunately, there is a more pleasant technique available for those that are more difficult to move known as the drop table technique.

The table that is used for this technique is uniquely composed of sections that can be adjusted higher or lower and released when the chiropractor applies the appropriate thrust. The drop table technique allows the chiropractor to set a precise amount of tension and "drop" based on the injury. This treatment is specific to your particular disc injury which brings about the best possible outcome that requires less physical force. Since less force is being applied to the patient, the chiropractor has an easier time getting the spinal column in place.

The drop table technique takes the patient from standing to lying flat without any effort being exerted from the patient, also returning the patient from lying to standing, a huge benefit for pain sufferers who have trouble getting up from a prone position. Prior to any adjustments being made, leg length is measured to determine which side of the back needs to have a thrust applied in the event one leg is shorter. When the chiropractor applies a thrust, a portion of the table collapses which causes that part of the body to "drop". The momentum of the individual follows that segment of the table that has dropped due to gravity. In essence, this is a more natural treatment method for spinal alignment as gravity aids in setting the vertebrae in motion. Typically, most patients should experience a significant improvement with range of motion and fewer complications with each additional treatment.

Dr. Michael Kudlas believes in the use of multiple techniques and technologies, including the use of a drop table, to find the clearest, most effective path to wellness in his patients.

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