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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery - 57 Years and Still Growing Strong

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery was kind enough to sit down with me and allow me to interview Mr. Dennis Sons on 7-9-2015. Explaining Tn Nurseries' humble beginnings till today has left me in awe how hard work, skill and determination has not only helped this family operation succeed but excel. From 8 acres to having an availability of over 3400 acres over the time of 57 years and three generations is sure an impressive additive. They also offer some of the most impressive clientele in the United States their USDA certified nursery stock.


Altamont, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2015 --Interview With Tennessee Wholesale Nursery 7-7-2015
By- Brian Ballard – WRCW Channel 4 News

1. You say you've been in the wholesale nursery grower industry for 57 years and 3 generations, yet you are only 50 years old, how does this add up?

If we counted all 3 generations in the industry we'd be over a century old. We are counting our generation of 26 years and 31 years from our father in which we worked in the fields with since we were very young. This is a hands on family operation, not a broker out looking to make a quick buck buying and reselling someone else's product.

2. What about those online reviews against your company? We found 36 un pleasing reviews on various sites when we goggled your name.

Yes, as with all companies, there will be customers you can not come to terms with. However, we try very hard to work with each customer and sort out any issues or problems they may have. Oddly enough those that are pleased will not go online and run a sabotage campaign, they are usually quiet and simple re order. One thing also we'd like to mention is that we have sold to over 50,000 customers and out of this staggering amount, negative feedback of less than 1% is prenominal.

3. Why does Garden Delights Nursery have affiliated with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery under it's logo?

Because we operate several different websites with different names, they all are governed under our legal entity name of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC. You can't have more than one website with the same url or name so this is our way of inventoring seperate farms and fields with each it's one unique name. We also specialize in some different items in each website and we get to platform these speciality items in different formats.

4. What about your "family owned and operated" business. How can you sell to this many clients and not hire outsiders?

Well, when we say family owned, it is, has been and remain in our family for 3 more generation to come hopefully. As for as operation, the same... We hire workers that our not family but the mail operaitonal functions are overseen by family.

5. When we look up your facility online, we see some farms, one being 56 acres, one 99 acres and some smaller lots, how do you have the growing capacity of over 3400 acres?

We grow our own stock, do rental fields from local farmers and landowner's that wants to make money off their land but doesn't have resources to plant or farm and many due to health issues is not able to care for the land and we also have a few sources we contract grow on their land. Our availability now exceeds over 3800 acres now since we've also got new diggers that came on board with us in 2014-2015.

6. What about your certifications? Are all those real and ligit?

Which are you speaking of?

CCR, Dunn & Bradstreet, USDA etc....

Absolutely. We are licensed with a native and grower license through through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, CCR For Government Bidding Jobs and Dunn & Brandstreet as well as some other very impressive organizations such as the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and more nursery organizartions.

7. We seen one lawsuit when we were looking up your profile. What was this about? Was the customer so upset you couldnt come to terms with him or did you sue him?

We sued him. He ordered a mere $216.00 worth of fern plants and planted them expecting them to all come up in the heat of summer. We always give planting instructions stating perennials and ferns may not all come up the first year but they would the following spring, especially in hot summer months. Instead of coming to us, he went online and ran a scandal campaign on us. We did retalliate to protect our good name.

8. You state you ship to all states, are you sure all states will accept your plants? I thought some states, especially the fruit producing states would not all just any type plants to ship.

Your absolutely right, we know exactly what to ship and what not to for each state. When your USDA certified, you can go online and see examptions and stipulations for each state.

9. What does your future look like with the economy and increased shipping costs?

As we have done for the past 57 years, we will continue to offer low prices on grade A plants and we will work diligently with the shipping companies to obtain a great discount for volume shipping so customer's will be able to afford the shipping.

10. What about yout warranty, it says you only offer an arrive alive, is this fair?

Yes it is fair considering we are a wholesale grower and that's the standard policy for a company charging wholesale prices. Most nurseries, especially online sells plants retail for three times the price wholesale prices. This covers no questions asked free placement plants. Whereas we sell at low wholesale grower prices and do not price our plants to offer free replacements.

About Tn Nursery
Tn Nursery is a third generation nursery grower. Located near Mcminnville Tennessee, the nursery capitol of the world makes our prices competitive, quality grade A, and the largest inventory around. Buying grower direct cuts out retail prices. Tn Nursery has the largest selection of plants in the Southeastern US, growing over 1500 different species year round . Our nursery is considered the authority in the tree nursery industry with 57 years of growing quality USDA certified grade A plants, trees,ferns, shrubs, perennials, natives and garden moss.

Certified to ship to all US states as well as 13 foreign countries.