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Voice Changing Tool Keeps Gamers in the Game


Middleton, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2007 --Screaming Bee LLC releases a new version of its MorphVOX voice-changing software with Quick Effects customizable key mapping. The new version allows gamers to stay in the action by providing a custom key, mouse, or joystick button to change a voice or to play any sound effect. MorphVOX is a Windows PC tool used to change the voice of a person online. It is useful for gamers who want to role-play a character that is of a different gender (or species) than the player.

"Quick Effects provides great functionality for full-display online games," explains Mark Ramirez, the CEO of Screaming Bee. He adds, β€œIt allows gamers to quickly make changes to a voice or sound without having to leave the game.”

Typically, graphic-intensive computer games operate in full-screen mode, making it inconvenient for a user to access the desktop or control any other program. MorphVOX can be controlled by any keystroke, mouse click or joystick trigger, even when a game is running in the foreground. This unique feature makes MorphVOX especially well suited for gaming.

Since MorphVOX was designed and developed for online games, it has a number of features that gamers find useful – such as push-to-talk, sound effects, audio alarms. Additional themed voices are now available for free. Online gamers can now sound like the character they play, whether they choose to be an enormous troll or a tiny pixie. MorphVOX can be used with all online games and also works well with any chat program.

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