AllstateDebtConsolidation Awards Top Honors to National Debt Relief

In a recently updated review of the most qualified companies on the internet for getting help with debt, Allstate Debt Consolidation gives top billing to National Debt Relief.


Hackensack, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2015 --For a lot of people being slowly paralyzed by debt, borrowing more money to pay off current debt isn't an option. Because of their subpar credit, they can't qualify for a loan. So many unsuspecting consumers don't know what their other options may be. They feel a sense of desperation.

But there are other ways to consolidate debts without borrowing more money. One company offering such a service is National Debt Relief. They offer one of the better alternatives to debt consolidation or bankruptcy. They offer what is known as debt settlement. And they offer this service to anyone who has more than ten thousand dollars in credit card debt or some other kind of unsecured debts.

They are one of the oldest and more well-known settlement companies in the entire country. They've been around over ten years. According the company's website, they don't charge a fee until they settle your debt with creditors on your behalf. That's one of the reasons why so many Americans continue to choose this firm when they have financial troubles. In fact, they have tons of positive reviews on their site as well as many other websites on the net.

Clearly, many do believe this firm helps people that are suffering a financial hardship. Here's what one user says… "Helped me settle my debts that were choking me." And yet another user says "I'm sleeping better knowing they are helping me to eliminate my debt."

Those are some raving reviews. And they are in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and other organizations that keep track of the debt industry. They are also members of the American Fair Credit Council.

Think about this… if a person can't pay down debt on their own, and they don't qualify for a loan, how else will they get help for their financial problem? The answer might be debt settlement. Thousands of Americans have already gone this route and many more will join them. National Debt Relief has been at the forefront of the debt reduction movement.

Throughout the years, they have helped thousands of people conquer their money problems. Certainly, this makes them a solution someone in debt should consider, especially if they aren't able to borrow more money to pay-off the old debts. This is why Allstate Debt Consolidation has them as the top alternative to consolidating debt.

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Consumers should also keep in mind that it is absolutely crucial to anyone battling debt to develop a budget that tracks their spending and forecasts their expected expenditures and income. Debt consolidation or relief solutions by themselves won't be enough.

Practicing better money habits is just as important as getting a debt settlement program. People that went into debt because of bad spending habits need to invest in a little financial education before they can become debt-free and maintain this new lifestyle… a lifestyle of being free from owing other people and living life to the fullest again.

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