CommunityCube's Crowdfunding Campaign Receives Groundbreaking Response in

This project from CommunityCube is about protecting the personal information of every internet user around the world. Starting with a modest funding goal of €500, CommunityCube has already raised over €9000 through their Indiegogo campaign.


Hamburg, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2015 --Maintaining the privacy of personal information is a serious concern for millions of internet users around the world. There are plenty of free services available all over the web, and many of them are extremely popular. However, unfortunately, most of these services are free because they seek the personal information of the users in return. Their unethical intentions are often concealed carefully in the terms and conditions page. CommunityCube claims that they have come up with a solution to this growing concern.

Functionally speaking, CommunityCube is a technologically advanced device that makes online privacy protection easy like never before. This is a plug and play device with an energy efficient server that was designed taking information security into account. The product is trustworthy because all its hardware and software is open source and available for review.

The most noteworthy features of CommunityCube include:

- Cage OS, a secured open operating system
- A decentralized, anonymous Search Engine with administrator rights.
- A filter-connector for Social Networks in one single place.
- Secure decentralized video conferences.
- A secure Storage System with collaborative tools
- Transparent Email encryption for actual email.
- Anonymous web traffic enforcer Ad-blocker, intrusion prevention system, anti-virus and anti-tracking technology for web browsing.

Some of the most important benefits of CommunityCube are:

- Filtering virus, exploits malware, ads, bad IP-sources and bad content.
- Decentralizing the services
- Open authentication (dissolve legal relation between user and name-ip), Dark-nets (anonymisation of IP)
- Forcing encryption for all communications and data storage and in rest.
- Filtering the data that expose users, like scripts, cookies, browser information, etc.

CommunityCube started their Indiegogo campaign with a funding goal of €500. However, the campaign has already raised over €9000 with one month still remaining. 80% of these funds will be spent on code development. The remaining funds will be used for hardware production.

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About CommunityCube
Community Cube is a small plug and play server designed to build a fair and cooperative internet. The company's goal is to create a massive, parallel internet from users who deploy the Community Cube server. This server offers users a single, failsafe, 100% citizen distributed network that safeguards privacy and security. It provides all the services internet users want with all the protection they need.