K.M. Lessing

Controversial Exposé Author Releases New Book


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2015 --K.M. Lessing, who wrote an exposé about her relationship with a married cleric of Islam, announces the release of her fourth book, "Hopelessness."

Book description:
Love her or hate her, K.M. Lessing is back. Still on Planet Nihilism, she continues to ponder this big floating headache called "Earth." What does it matter if we keep all our secrets or tell all our stories to the world? Let's skip the BS and talk about real life: love, money, fellatio, boobs, death, abortions, attorneys, Islam, Hollywood, God, Christ, and our curious hearts which are always seeking… what?

Throughout her book, K.M. Lessing gives her commentary and critique on greedy attorneys, escaping the psychological harem, the question of suicide, the Satanic ideology found in your living room, the myth of "royalty," the difference between profit and greed, living independently from alcohol and porn-ridden guys, and the myth of the holy penis. K.M. provides 28 realistic ways to reduce hopelessness—including the secrets to personal, inner peace that Hollywood will never tell you.

"Hopelessness" is available as a paperback on Amazon and as an ebook on K.M. Lessing's website.

K.M. Lessing's previous books include:
God Has Failed Me
The Land Of Dark Secrets
Allah Is A Deceiver

About K.M. Lessing
K.M. Lessing is an author and apostate of Islam. She worked for too many miserable years in the corporate world before writing her first books about her quest to find the only thing that really matters in life. As she refuses to suppress the complexity of emotions and conflict of desires that make her a human being, she is definitely not very professional.

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