Salsbury's LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Preparedness Products

Founders of Salsbury's LLC, Barbara and Larry Salsbury, are proud to announce the launch of their new website venture,; the website offers information about preparedness and sells innovative products including preparedness pantry packs and disaster quick packs. For more information, visit the website’s blog at


Sandy, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2015 --Barbara and Larry Salsbury are excited to announce the creation and launch of their new website venture, The website offers a range of preparedness books, disaster quick packs, survival tools, and preparedness pantry packs. Barbara has been working in the preparedness field for a long time and has taught it in classes, on the radio, on TV, and through the preparedness books that she has written. She and her husband decided to start their website as a way to reach out to people and provide them with the products and information that they would need to help them through not only the big disasters, but all of life's little disasters as well. They are revolutionizing the preparedness industry by offering new innovative products that provide preparedness in a way that fits cost and space constraints better.

There are several unique preparedness products featured within the merchandise of The website offers innovative new products that are designed by the Salsburys to offer a new model of preparedness for those dealing with limited space and money. These items condense large amounts of food into small packages to make it easier to store these items in apartments and small homes. Unlike standard survival meals, these are meals that are gourmet quality and can be used as part of everyday life for those who are having a busy day and a healthy meal in a hurry. They can even be given as gifts to college students or individuals who might need great meals or desserts that can be prepared quickly. One of the newest items on the website is the disaster quick pack. These are small boxes that can be stored on a shelf out of the way and feature all of the first things that you might want directly after a disaster occurs such as a flashlight and a tarp.

In addition to these innovative products, offers some more typical survival products including disaster survival kits, portable butane stoves, pet survival kits, all weather ponchos, home first aid kits, and water storage tanks. Among the products offered on the website, are books that Barbara wrote including "Preparedness Principles," a book that culminates twenty years of research and provides the information needed to help prepare for many different disasters. In the future, the Salsburys plan to continue adding new products to their site as they find and create products that fit into their model of preparedness.

Providing a website that offers a wide range of preparedness information from a knowledgeable source is important to the Salsburys regarding Barbara has done more research, work, and invention than anyone else in the field of preparedness that she knows of. She will be using her website to teach preparedness principles and help others understand how to afford and use the products that they need for preparedness. Her goal is to fit preparedness into today's world in a way that works better for families and individuals then the old model of storing food away and never using it. Her innovative products provide customers food that can be stored in a much smaller space and used to create great tasting meals any day of the week, not just in an emergency situation. The idea is to provide a system that people will be able to use in the case of life's little emergencies and not just large scale disasters that may never happen.

To complement the main website, the Salsburys are also launching a blog located at

The blog will cover topics that relate to preparedness in general. The Salsburys will be writing about how to get through rainy days and larger disasters, how to put together preparedness kits, reviews of different preparedness products, and simpler ways to make preparedness work for the individual and their situation. The purpose of the blog is to provide customers with information to help families and individuals become better prepared no matter where they are or what kind of circumstance they live in.

About, a division of Salsbury's LLC, aka Salsbury Enterprises, is owned and operated by Barbara and Larry Salsbury.

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