Terence Stewart Seeks Crowdfunding via GoFundMe So He Can Raise His Newborn Son All by Himself

Reaching a crowdfunding goal of $200,000 will let this dedicated dad be sure his son is all set straight through college.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2015 --Natasha Stewart died on what should've been one of the happiest days of her life – July 6, 2015. That's because she died in labor giving birth to her son James. Tragically, she died of preeclampsia during the delivery of James and her husband Terence is understandably torn. He lost his wife and gained a son with one single sweep of the hand of fate before the sun set.

Natasha was just 24 years old. Not only was she young but she was healthy her entire life up until her pregnancy. Her pregnancy took a very high toll on her; she developed high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. As surprised as they were alarmed, her doctors put her on blood pressure medication and insulin and told her to limit her physical activities. Following all medical advice didn't help as her hands and feet became swollen and she suffered more than most women every day of her pregnancy. During labor she started having seizures and an expected natural child birth suddenly became an emergency caesarian section so baby James could be born. Despite the best efforts of all of her doctors her organs failed and she died. Fortunately, baby James survived.

Terence's wife died without any life insurance leaving this low income single father in the difficult position of raising his son alone with hardly any financial resources.

Terence is seeking $200,000 via crowdfunding to allow him to set aside money for James' college education. He also needs to pay for daycare for his newborn son until he's of school age since James has to go to work and must rely on others to help him care for his son while he's out making a living. As a low wage earner, Terence is planning on needing a few extra dollars a week to help with his weekly grocery budget in buying diapers and baby formula for James so this little one has everything he needs. This devoted dad also would like to buy some toys for his son so he can have fun and learn and develop like every other newborn.

Mr. Stewart is turning to the public to help him with the finances he needs to raise his son properly and insure this poor young soul has every opportunity for a bright future – even if that future will be without the mother who brought him into this world.

Everyone is encouraged to visit Terence's "My Wife Died in Childbirth" GoFundMe campaign and contribute whatever they can -