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Effective Business Management Calls for Switching to VoIP Technology

Investing in VOIP technology now will provide an edge over competitors that have not implemented this cutting edge tool. VoIP call management is becoming a necessity for businesses aiming to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and sales.


Gainesville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2015 --Businesses today require reliable and advanced telecommunications systems to be competitive in today's marketplace. Bundling technology features, such as VoIP, data management, IT departments, and other telecommunications will lead to new clients, as well as greater customer satisfaction and retention.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technologically advanced method to make and receive phone calls through an internet connection. This method is user-friendly and more cost effective. VoIP use is fast replacing landlines in businesses and as the technology expands, usage will continue to grow.

From small business to major corporations and even government, communication is the major key to success. VoIP telecommunication service allows businesses to keep the same phone number, and utilize the phone as done with the old landline. This is especially important to established companies. This also means that there will be no disruption in service for the business and its customers.

There are many options with VoIP service, aside from keeping an active phone number that new customers already have, when switching to this technology. Customers are able to choose their own area codes, receive service from anywhere in the world at no additional cost, unlimited local and long distance calling, voicemail, email voicemail alerts, online voicemail access, call waiting, caller ID (with name), caller ID block, call return (*69), 3-way calling, and call forwarding. An added bonus includes online account management and online call logs.

Switching over to VoIP is really one of the easiest transitions that any company can consider. No special equipment purchase is required to install a VoIP system, nor does it require any special kind of telephone. VoIP can be used by any business with a computer that has a sound card, modem, speakers, a microphone, high speed Internet connection, and the ability to download the applicable software. It only takes minutes to set up, so companies won't lose time or customers.

VoIP service plans offer flexibility and they work in conjunction with data cabling, IT infrastructures, and can provide constant client contact when relocating a business, whether it is down the block, or to a new country. A basic service plan will run around twenty dollars, but can work out to cost less, the more businesses add to their plan.

With telecommunication technology, advancing at a rapid rate consumers may want to look into a state of the art advanced VoIP system. This system, the Hosted PBX VoIP service, is the ideal plan for any company requiring a more advanced telecommunications solution, especially small and medium sized business that are looking to expand . This alternative to the traditional analog phone system includes many more advanced features, and at a lesser fee than most basic, traditional phone systems.

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