The SPARK Theatron Design Team Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Build the Ultimate Dream Machine

This Dream Team of Designers, Engineers and Hollywood Veterans Are Ready to Build An Augmented Reality Platform That Takes Adventure to the Edge — and Over It!


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2015 --Imagine what it feels like to ride over Niagara Falls in a canoe. Or jump off the highest mountain hurtling towards the ground at lightning speed. Or skydive from a Space plane from the edge of outer space free-falling down to earth with an astronaut's view of the world. Now imagine the best part; anyone can experience any of these once-in-a-lifetime events without risking life or limb, spending a million dollars or even leaving their chat.

That's because the dream team behind this dream machine is developing new technology to let people enjoy the experience of their choice with as much reality as being there – without being there. That's the essence of the magic of augmented reality and SPARK Theatron is designed from the ground up to take augmented reality to the next level with total safety and in complete comfort.

SPARK is an acronym: Sensory Processing Augmented Reality Kinematics — it sounds a bit daunting but an accurate way of saying what this amazing system will do. SPARK Theatron is a programmable entertainment destination which displays media in a 360° spherical format and stimulates the senses while moving the participant around on an all-axis gimbal replicating real motion. The result? A total immersion experience delivering the user exactly what they want whether they want to float in space, fly among the clouds or visit a fond childhood place and experience all the sights, sounds and smells as if they were a kid again standing at that place in time all over again.

Around the world entertainment is an integral part of everyday life. Everyone has their favorite movie, musician, video game character and TV show. The creative team behind the SPARK Theatron wants to bring it together in one amazing space to give participants exactly what they want; the ability to experience an adventure with full engagement of all five senses to make it seem as real as if they were actually there. The possibilities are endless. What if a guitar hero dreamed of joining his favorite rock band on stage in concert? Or a gamer wanted to converge all of the worlds he knows into a single space allowing him to let loose and explore those worlds not by sitting on a couch looking at a screen but actually being inside the game.

About SPARK Theatron
SPARK Theatron is so expansive that the designers are constantly discovering new ways to use it. This project is also very expensive which is why they turned to crowdfunding to raise the funds they need to build the prototype to bring this first-of-its-kind entertainment platform to the public. Several stellar perks are available at every price level allowing anyone with any budget to participate and be a part of the next generation in human entertainment.

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