Yumeyasu Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing PetPenser

PetPenser promises to be the first ever food dispenser for the pets that can be controlled via Smartphone. Yumeyasu, the company behind this project, is looking to raise $65,000 to start manufacturing PetPenser.


Espana, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2015 --Feeding their pets properly in a timely manner can be quite a difficult task for the pet owners. People often tend to forget to feed their pets before leaving home. In this situation, some people call their neighbors seeking their help. Some pet owners even pay others to feed their pets. However, even then, these pet owners tend to worry about the way their favorite pets are being fed.

Daniel Yume, the Director of Yumeyasu, claims that PetPenser will offer a single solution to all these problems. Functionally speaking, PetPenser is an intelligent food dispenser for the pets that can be controlled through a smartphone. After a lot of hard work, the team has designed a module that allows for different sizes of water and food deposits. This is useful because the requirements are not the same for different types of pets. PetPenser users will be able to choose from different types of food bowls. Deeper bowls can be the most convenient option for the larger dogs. Whereas, the cats need bowls that have a lower depth.

The most important components of PetPenser include:

- Master module with deposit and bowls (choose from several sizes)
- Ethernet / 3G / Wi-Fi
- Android and iPhone app
- Webcam and Microphone

Daniel Yume has recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $65,000 for the progress of this project. All backers will also have the opportunity to make a contribution towards the final design of PetPenser. A funding of €62,000 is required to start manufacturing this intelligent pet food dispenser. Several stretch goals have also been created for different levels of product improvement.

- €75,000 - Speaker to call the pet
- €90,000 - Vaccination calendar as well as graphs on the pets' eating and drinking times
- 100,000 – Battery with a lifespan of 72 hours.
- €150,000 - LCD panel and website.
- €180,000 - NFC technology to find out the need of the pet, and automatically open the bowl to allow them to eat or drink.

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About PetPenser
PetPenser is a feeder for pets that will solve many common problems people face with feeding their pets. Feeding a dog or cat tends to be a great concern when the homeowners are not at home. The first ever food dispenser for the pets that can be controlled via Smartphone, PetPenser is an advanced solution to all these concerns.