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Accern Launches Machine Learning Sentiment Data Feed for Retail Quants

Accern Corporation is pleased to announce its official release of Alpha One, a sentiment data feed designed using machine learning techniques for retail quant traders.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2015 --Accern Corporation, a big data analytics startup headquartered at Wall Street, New York is pleased to announce its official release of Alpha One, a sentiment data feed designed using machine learning techniques for retail quant traders. Alpha One provides actionable trading analytics such as sentiment and impact scores derived from over 20 million news and blog sources across the web on 6,000+ US public equities and 1,000+ events.

"Retailers have long struggled to keep up with the technology large financial institutions are using," says Kumesh Aroomoogan, Co-Founder and CEO at Accern. "We have developed actionable trading analytics for some of the world's largest quantitative hedge funds over the past 2 years through our flagship product, Alpha Stream, which utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning and artificial neural network techniques. Now we are bringing this technology to the retail market to give retail traders the ability to compete on a fair playing field."

Automated trading platforms like Quantopian are making it easier than ever for anyone to be a retail quant. Retail quant traders are always on the lookout for new data feeds that they can integrate into their automated trading systems to generate higher profits.

"Alpha One contains two metrics, article sentiment and impact score, which retail quants can use to generate alpha", says Anshul Vikram Pandey, Co-Founder at Accern. "By using our sentiment indicators, retail quants will be able to identify which direction to trade based on the news. Furthermore, by using our impact scores, retail quants will be able to identify and trade on only critical news that could affect their stocks. "

Accern is well-known in the hedge fund community as a new and innovative data analytics startup. Many hedge funds are interested in Accern due to its extensive coverage of 20 million news and blog sources; and its refined 20+ trading analytics. Accern provides one of the only web datasets that can be used as a standalone model for quantitative trading.

"Our intentions were to serve only institutions, however, due to the large demand of retailers on Quantopian and brokerage platforms such as Interactive Brokers wanting a retail version of our institutional feed, we had to create one," says Joe Kuncharia, Chief Strategy Officer at Accern.

Accern's retail customers enjoyed that they can rely on Alpha One as their standalone data signals, however, many are also utilizing it as a multi-factor model and combining it with other data feeds to make the signal much richer and stronger.

"We have developed an API where retailers can access and download the data feed each day," says Carlos Espejo, Vice President of Products at Accern. "Our intentions were to provide a real-time data feed, but majority of the retail quants were not trading in real-time, but rather beginning or end of the day."

With the continuous innovation by startups around the world, making the lives of others better. It's time for retail traders to get back into the game, but this time better equipped to compete with the institutions.

"Retail quants are now able to get the same data quality as hedge funds have been getting", says Ahmed Shabbir, Vice President of Engineering at Accern. "We have created a proprietary dictionary of over 30K companies' variations, 110k event variations, and over 200k semantic variations which we use to scan and track across the web, giving retail quants an institutional-graded technology to play with.

Alpha One is currently on a 100-day limited pilot program where retail quants can get access to the rich sentiment data feed for only $199. Afterwards, subscription starts at $99 / month. Retail quants can perform a backtest on 3 years of historical news and blog data, then subscribe to the daily csv updates starting now.

About Accern
Accern is the world's first big data media analytics provider to deliver the most comprehensive dataset of actionable trading analytics from over 20 million sources for quantitative trading. Accern has developed strategic partnerships with data providers that collect content from over 20 million news and blog sources and provide well over 5 million articles each day. Accern monitors these sources very frequently in real-time (faster than the indexing rate of major search engines) and filters out the majority(99.99%) of irrelevant articles and provides relevant articles to quants with a 97% accuracy rate.

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Kumesh Aroomoogan
Co-Founder and CEO