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Summer Travel Brings Unwanted Bed Bugs to Hotels in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc. educates travelers on how to spot bed bugs before they attack. Teaching them the basics in identifying bed bugs while away from home stops bed bugs in their tracks.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2015 --With summer in full swing, hotels in the Virginia and Washington D.C. area have customers filling complaints, reporting sites finding bed bugs in hotel rooms. With word of mouth and solid photo and time stamped video proof, they have it all covered but still complain they are not being heard and nothing is being done to fix the problem.

Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc. urges the public to know how to quickly do a room check before bringing family, luggage or animals into a room that is possibly infected with bed bugs. In less than the time it takes to check in, the main areas of a room may be checked.

Bed bugs love dark areas with small tight crevices such as baseboards, mattresses, and electronics. The primary area for bed bugs to live is in the seams of the hotel's bedding, mattress, or box spring. Pull back the sheets, look along the seams, and it is possible to see them lying close to the edges of the seams or find brown spots that appear to be smeared. These spots come from the bugs being smashed by people sleeping on them during their stay.

It is equally important to know that the hotels being affected range in class from a Motel Six to a Hampton Inn. Bed bugs do not discriminate when it comes to a host. They are on a first come first serve basis. Bed bugs will travel simply by latching onto clothes, luggage or any other item that enters an infected room. They simply love traveling in the summer heat just as much as humans. Check out a bed bug reporting company before you book your next vacation.

Don't fall prey to being handed a can of bug spray for your new room just in case. Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc. wants the general public to know that most sprays do not work on bed bugs. Call Environmental Heat Solutions to receive proper treatment for bed bug infestations.

For more information, visit http://www.greenbedbugsolutions.com/

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Environmental Heat Solutions is a bed bug extermination company serving the northern Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania region. They pride themselves on expertise, professionalism, and environmentally friendly bed bug heat treatment methods. Their inspections utilize canine teams proven to be effective in uncovering bed bug infestations.